Postpartum hair loss……………………………

Roughly four months after Lily was born, I experienced an unpleasant part of postpartum. While washing my hair I noticed something, hair in my fingers. When I rinsed I noticed even more hair on my lower back. I ran my fingers through my hair, and there it all was! Well it felt like every hair on my head but a big enough chunk to start the tears. Postpartum hair loss is a thing and it can be a very big thing!

Why after forty weeks of pregnancy, all the symptoms that come with labour, would women be haunted by hair loss a few months later? Now there are some women out there who are fortunate enough to never experience this horrifying event. You are blessed, so very blessed. For those who had or have postpartum hair loss, I feel for you. Anyone reading this who has yet to have children, or are pregnant. Oh this is a thing. This is something I wish I knew about.

My story is that I actually started to lose my hair 34 weeks pregnant. Not a lot but some, not like I did postpartum. After panicking to my Doctor, demanding blood tests. Every test was normal, better than normal. Perfect! Just my lovely pregnancy hormones. Sitting in her office she explained it’s normal and I may experience more hair loss afterwards. “UUMMMMM EXCUSE ME?” I nearly died. Lose more hair? How?

Well ladies, during the third trimester your beautiful locks go into a resting phase. After birth, a couple months later your hormones start to go back to normal. Your hair will go back into its regular growth cycle. The hair sheds before the growth. That’s the positive side to this post, IT GROWS BACK! Be patient but you will get there, and then you get to deal with all the fun baby hairs that you can’t tame.

I experienced hair loss with both girls and I’ve learned a few tricks to help make you through this.

The biggest, most important, most crucial rule is to NOT GOOGLE POSTPARTUM HAIRLOSS! The pictures will send you spinning. Just don’t, do not do it. And now that I mentioned it you’re probably going too. But don’t!

  1. Buy yourself a wet brush, I recommend brushing in the shower. So when you style you don’t notice as much falling out.
  2. If you our freaked out about it, like I was. Have someone else brush your hair. I use to make my Husband do it. If I didn’t see the hair, I wouldn’t panic as much.
  3. Treat your hair like royalty! Get hair cuts frequently, try not to style as much, avoid hot hair tools, and damaging hair tools like tight elastics.
  4. Grow you hair out, you’re able to do more hairstyles.
  5. Don’t be cheap, buy amazing hair products.
  6. Drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet.
  7. Reduce stress and get lots of sleep. (I know as a new mom this is hard but try your best)

Don’t worry ladies! Your hair will grow back! Give your babes some extra cuddles and love because their being in your life is worth the hair loss !

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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