5 Tips to get Motivated Again

Throughout the year we all have our ups and downs. At times we are doing amazing, working out, eating healthy, accomplishing things at work and at home. Then there are times when you have completely fallen off the band wagon and aren’t achieving what you want. I couldn’t count how many times in my life where I have been in this trench, with very little motivation. I’m just making may way out of one now, trying to get back into working out. This Summer was a hot one in Ontario and I will admit, eating ice cream and having a beer was better than working out.

Other than wanting beer and ice cream, there are many things that can cause us to sway a bit, or a lot. As a mom or a parent it’s sometimes very easy for you to lose your motivation because of all the stresses and hectic schedules that come from kids, a house, a job and all the little things in between. But don’t feel guilty if you aren’t doing what you want to be doing. Life happens, we just have to get that motivation back!

Five Tips to Regain your Motivation

  1. Set small goals – I like to start with small goals that I know I will achieve within a day or two. Folding all the laundry by tonight or cleaning one bathroom. These little wins will give you that feeling of success. Then grow upon that, increase the number of goals or increase the size of the goal as you go.
  2. Remind yourself Why – Focusing on why will keep you set on your goal. “Why do I want to clean the bathroom?” So I know that it is done and my girls will be having a bath in a clean tub tonight.
  3. Write it down- Seeing your goal in physical form, such as written down in your journal, agenda or post it note. Will remind you about what you want to achieve and set you up for better success.
  4. Focus on achievements – Say I cleaned the bathroom but I didn’t have time to soak and clean the girls bath toys. Instead of focusing on the obstacle. Focus on the fact that “I cleaned the tub so the girls can have a freshly cleaned bath tub”. This will help you stay positive and move forward. Only looking at what you didn’t do will reduce your motivation.
  5. Go easy on yourself – It’s okay if you drop the ball and don’t achieve a goal, or things didn’t go as planned. Take a deep breath, relax and set another goal. And if you find you still aren’t reaching that goal, then you know something needs to be re-evaluated.

Know that you can start over each morning.

Thanks for reading ,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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