Our Sleep Training Journey

My youngest Isla is six and a half months old. Since the day she was born she has been sleeping comfortably in our bed. My Husband and I are big supporters of co-sleeping. We believe in the short term and long term benefits. Now that’s a whole separate post, and before I keep writing. Yes we understand the risks and took every measure to keep Isla safe. We did the same with our first Daughter as well.

Now co-sleeping lasts for so long in our bedroom and Isla has reached the age where we can finally sleep train her into the crib. Professionals say it’s best to do so between the ages of six to eight months. By six months their emotional part of the brain has developed more, making it easier to understand that you will come back into the room. Past eight months you start dealing with breaking habits, which can cause long term problems with your little ones sleep. As well as your own sanity.

Tips for Sleep Success

  1. A really good bedtime routine
  2. Preferred method
  3. A good support team
  4. Make sure the entire support team is on board!
  5. CONSISTENCY (The most important part, hint the capital letters)

Now there are many different methods to sleep training. Crying it out, not crying it etc. We chose “cry it out” method, same as our first Daughter.

For nap time, I plan on leaving Isla in for an entire hour without going in once. Going in makes it more difficult for Isla. She cries more because we have a strong bond, and coming in and not staying makes her even more upset. She has a lovey, Mr. Pink Piggy. We make sure that goes in with her!

For bed time I go in every 15 minutes. Bedtime is always the hardest, because we cuddle every night and Isla is use to always having my Husband and I there. So I knew she was really going to be stubborn at that time. Now my plan was to go in, dance and maybe read a book again. She gets really worked up, tears, boogers and a really red face. So it’s takes her a bit longer to calm down. Once calm, back in she goes and I wait another fifteen minutes. I will continue this until she falls asleep.

Now when she wakes in the middle of the night. I will do a feed, burp, read a book and put her down. And do the fifteen minutes again.


Day 1: In order of Naps Isla cried 15 minutes, 7 and then 2. Bedtime was 45 minutes and I had to go in twice to calm her. She woke up once and silly me forgot to bring the nursing pillow in. Isla wouldn’t lay on the floor to feed so I brought her to bed to feed and I fell asleep! (Slaps hand to face!)

Day 2: In order of naps, Isla cried 10 minutes, 5 and she didn’t cry for the third. Bedtime was 15 minutes, I went in once to sooth. When I put her down she rolled over and went to sleep. She woke up once for a 15 minute feed, burped and she laid back down in her crib without the help of the sound machine.

Day 3: In order of naps, no crying, no crying, no crying. Bedtime was no crying. She woke up once, 15 minute feed, burped and laid her back down without the help of the sound machine

I can successfully say Isla is sleep trained into her crib. And it only took three days! I am so beyond happy. Before starting this process I was prepared for the worst because we have such a strong bond. But being consistent and getting through the hard part makes it all worth while in the end. My Husband almost caved at bedtime Day 1 and Day 2 because he is not use to hearing her cry loud, with a high pitch. But I said no! You have to stick to the plan or it will not work. And it worked and he is quite happy about having the bed to ourselves. How one manages to hog almost an entire king bed is beyond my knowledge.

I hope my story and tips help you with your little one! And I hope your story is successful like mine! Just remember to stick with it! And know that if it didn’t work out that is ok! Just have to try a different method. All babies are different and not everyone’s story is the same.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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