Online shopping sites that will make mom life easier

Ok the truth is I don’t know how easy you can make mom life. But there are things you can do to make it smoother. Like online shopping!

I’m a huge online shopping addict. It’s so convenient, just do a couple taps, plug in your banking info and tah-da! So easy and it reduces my daily errands. Also saves me money from wanting to hire a personal shopper. (You hear my Husband clapping in the background).

My Prime order that came this morning!

Who here has: made their to-do list, packed up their kids, drove from store to store, dealing with “Mom I’m starving!”, temper tantrums and meltdowns because you wouldn’t buy them something they saw, done three potty trips while in the same store, dealt with an explosive poppy diaper and looked not so pretty all while doing this? To come home exhausted and realizing you forgot something on your list.(Slaps hand to face)

This is why the universe created online shopping. To save us momma’s our sanity. Now I do my shopping just before bed in the peace and quiet of my home while the kids are asleep.

The three best sites I use to save my sanity are:

  1. Amazon Prime – Not only is this store the most helpful tool for a mom, it’s addicting. You can buy everything on Amazon. Diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, toiletries, cleaning products and the list goes on. The Prime membership is worth the annual charge. You get free-two day shipping on select items. Which is every item they have on there pretty much. They have “add on items”, you need a three dollar bottle of toilet bowl cleaner. They will ship it for free if you add it to an order of more than twenty-five dollars. Another benefit is being able to subscribe to items. For example, diapers. If you know you need a box every month you can subscribe to the brand and size you need. You pick weekly or monthly and they will automatically send it to you. Plus it’s a bit cheaper to buy it subscribed.
  1. Grocery Store Online – Online shopping has advanced so much Grocery Stores are now letting you buy online, select your pick up time all for a low fee. How amazing is that? You can order all the food and supplies you need, and then go pick them up. No dragging your kids around all the aisles and dealing with all that comes with taking the kids out. And what’s better is that my Husband picks up the groceries. I always plan the pick -up time on his way home from work because he drives right past the store. Walmart, Superstore and Loblaws are the ones in my area who have grocery pick up, you should definitely check out yours.
  2. Ebates – Who doesn’t want cash back when they shop? Ebates make it so easy to make money off items you have to buy anyways. From their website, you click the deal you want. I need some new fall clothes for my toddler, I see they have a 5% cash back deal when I order from Old navy. I click the deal from their site which will take me to Old Navy. I order and within 24-48 hours the money is on my Ebates account. Then when you’re ready you can cash it out, you have to have a minimum of $25 in your account before they send you a Cheque. The one thing I will say is that you have to do a lot of online shopping through Ebates to see lots of money, but if you’re like me that’s no problem! They now have in-store deals! So you can still get cash back even when you go in to shop. Also you can buy gift cards online through their site and get cash back. Talk about profitable gift giving! •••Sign up here and you will get $5 when you signup. (This ends September 30 2018, 18+ to register. Canada only).•••

These three sites will definitely help make your life more manageable! And make you some money while you’re at it. And you don’t even have to shower to do it!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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