Why you should never start a new Goal on a Monday…

We all have goals that we want to achieve either with our diet, our body, fitness and life. My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle and to increase my strength. When we first decide what we want, “lose 10lbs and eat healthier”. We have to the chose when to start this journey. I hear all the time from people “I’m going to start this Monday.” Why Monday? Usually it is because it’s after the weekend, people get back to their normal routine. And they want one last “unhealthy” weekend before they makes their changes. Now how many of these people actually have succeeded? Have you succeeded? I know I never have when I set my start date on a Monday.

Why is starting on a Monday a bad idea? Usually by the time Monday rolls around, some of that drive you first had when deciding it’s time to change has diminished. Making it more difficult to overcome the challenges when first making large changes to your life. Monday’s are usually terrible days. They are in my life. I’m recovering from the weekend which is usually exhausting because you try to fit as much as you can in on your time off. Also having that last “unhealthy weekend” with bad food makes you more tired and sluggish. Which will help lower your determination to start these new changes. Waiting a few days before you start you think is a good idea to help you prepare and plan. But it gives you more time to overthink what you want. Which we all know overthinking can decrease motivation and increase confusion. Making you start your new journey off not firm in your mind about the changes you want to make.

How to increase your success?

It’s Thursday night, and you start thinking about how you want to lose weight by starting to eat healthier and going for more walks during the week, as an example.

Instead of saying “On Monday…”

Say “Tonight…”.

My tip to success is to start immediately, when your desire to make changes is at 100%. I know you all think I’m crazy! But honestly, starting when your motivation is at its highest, which is usually when you first decide you really want to make changes with your life, will set you up for better success.

Many of you are thinking “but I would love one last bad day!”. I know how amazing it would be to eat one last unhealthy meal but we all know that unhealthy meal is probably high in sodium, saturated fats, carbohydrates and sugar. Which is not good for our body, so save yourself the harm and forget about that last unhealthy meal. Instead think I want to eat healthier to not just lose weight but improve my health, to reduce risk of health problems, increase energy so I’m more active with my kids and probably a better night sleep.

If you’re tired of failing, next time you get the drive to make changes to improve your life, start right then and there and see where you go!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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