The Story Behind Twenty Something Momma?

Creating a name for your blog is more daunting than you think. You want something that stands out, hints at who you are and what your blog topics may be about. A name that sets you apart from one another. I’ve had this Twenty Something Momma name on my written pieces since my first Daughter was born. And I decided when I made my big launch to stick with it.

But why Twenty Something Momma? Simple, I’m a twenty-six year old Mom to two beautiful girls. To be honest though, there is a bigger meaning behind it.

My Husband and I are very fortunate to be in the financial position we are. We have a beautiful house in the suburbs with everything you need in it. Both my Husband and I both have successful careers and have had many accomplishments so far in our lives. I’ll admit that my first Daughter was a “surprise”, the timing for her to make us a family couldn’t have been more perfect. I was twenty-four, established in my career and had a house to bring her home too. Our first couple days were the happiest, saddest, exhausting and exciting days of my life. I decided once I was comfortable to leave the house, I was going to join a ton of mom groups. Get to know more moms and have play dates.

As I started to venture out, I realized that there were a lot of woman who were older than me with kids. Like, a lot! Not many in our established neighbourhood were my age, many were late twenties, early thirties. As sad as this sounds, I was judged because of my age. Many moms would brush me off after they found out my age. Which usually was the second or third question they ask me. Before the “How old are you?”, they would comment on my body. I have been very fortunate to bounce back from both pregnancy. I didn’t just bounce back though, I put in a ton of work, from exercising before, during and after pregnancy along side eating healthy. It’s not just “luck”. Because of their judgement and jealousy I was excluded or just didn’t feel welcomed. Thankfully over the past couple of years I have met some genuine, caring women who make me forget about the ones who judged me. And thought of only of themselves, who let their jealousy get the best of them.

So this is where the “Twenty Something” came from in my name. Having children young isn’t the norm anymore. The average age is Thirty for first time moms.

Now don’t you go getting all sad or anything on me. I’m not heart broken over this. My experience has made me learn a lot of things about myself. The qualities I want to have. Be open, accept and support other regardless of age, skin colour or status. We are all moms. All caring for our children, all wanting the best for them. And we should all support one another, and be there for each other. And set a good example for our kids.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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