The reason I’m dressed before 8am everyday

As a Mom, honestly I’ve had days where I have survived off drinking water from my Daughters cup, and eating her leftovers. Staying in my PJ’s all day until right before my Husband came home. So I didn’t look like a wreck and he knew I had Mom life under control, somewhat.

This was all till I made the decision to improve my “mom-productivity”. And one thing that helps you accomplish more in a day, gives you a sense of satisfaction and confidence, is getting dressed!

Seems easy but I understand as a stay at home mom this is so much harder than it sounds. Days where the baby was up all night, and has been for a few days. Making you so exhausted that the little energy you have left you would rather use it for something more important that putting on a pair of pants.

Simply getting dressed can help set you up for more success than you think. Now I’m not talking about getting completely ready. Hair and makeup unless that’s your goal. You go girl! Changing out of your PJ’s helps set your mind in motion for the day. There is actual science behind it. It’s called “enclothed congnition”. Derived from a study about how our psychological process perceives clothing. We see a uniform, we think a specific job. We see activewear, we think of working out. You stay in your Pajama’s, you’re going to think of sleep and relaxation. Changing into a daily outfit will automatically get your brain thinking of productivity. Put on a cute top with your messy bun and you’ll help give yourself a boost of confidence while you’re igniting your motivation.

This is why I make a goal every morning to be dressed before eight. Even on days where I know I’m probably going to be hanging around the house. Achieving a goal early on in my day gives me an accomplishment, which leads to satisfaction then the drive to continue that feeling. Something so simple creates such a positive domino effect, I wish I started this goal when my first Daughter was born.

So get dressed!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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