Dream Home Office Space

Since starting my blog, I’ve been dreaming of an office space in our home. Somewhere I could go other than my bed or the couch to get my work done. But with so much going on I haven’t really taken the time to explore designs. Till the day Wayfair asked me if I would be interested in putting together a dream office space. Talk about perfect timing! As you can see I took this opportunity not to just work with one of my favourite home design stores, but to finally create my dream space.

The goal for this space is to continue my rustic farmhouse theme I have in my home. My list includes: comfy, cozy, inviting, brings me happiness and the desire to be in the room. We all have days where we don’t want to do our work, and the distractions in a home can make it even harder. Creating a space you want to be in can help with your productivity.

To help me be productive in a space, I need light and neutral. This sage colour Woodville Writing desk brings a pop of colour, but not to bright. Gives a welcome feel, a “come sit here” feeling. And this rustic arm chair just yells “comfy, cozy”. The desk is very simple when it comes to design, so I thought the details in the wood of the arm chair could help spruce up the desk. The neutral glass lamp shade colour ties in with the chair, and the clear base doesn’t take away from the desk. Great for a small space!

Fun fact about me. My Dad is an old pottery and bottle collector. I grew up driving around to different garage sales helping him find pieces.

One of the many old bottles in my house from my Dad.

So pottery has a sweet spot in my heart. I love this Bourne pottery vase, and adding white peony flowers will give the space some beauty.

Every office needs organization. These wire pieces help add a rustic appearance. And I’m adding in this Savoy pencil cup. Everyone needs one if you’re constantly losing your pens, like myself. Really, I think my toddler is stealing them. Having a wall organizer like this two-tier basket rack is great for small spaces, and for keeping clutter off the desk. Or these storage baskets! They give your things a home while fitting in with this theme perfectly. An organized space helps increase productivity, and motivational artwork can help with that as well. Give you something to read when you need an extra push.

I am so loving my dream board that I put together! And that’s one of the main aspects I like about Wayfair. Being able to create boards on your account of items and styles that you want. Making it easy to put a room together, even if home designs aren’t your strong point. I love that Wayfair really has whatever you need for any room.

I hope you all are infatuated with this style as much as I am right now. My Wayfair cart is exploding with items! See below at the table with the links for all of the items I posted about today.

Jaclyn Yvonne

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