Looking back at our Fave Summer Adventures ( +A Great Way to Save your Memories)

Another rainy day! I love Fall, the cool crisp winds and the colourful leaves. But this rain, not so much. The view of my afternoon nap was quite gloomy. It made me to start to reminisce about the fun, hot summer we had this year. And looking back, we had such an amazing season filled with adventures, new beginnings and lots of fun with our families. I don’t know how I will be able to top our Summer next year. All this reminiscing reminded me to do our summer photos with Simple Prints! A great way to put all of your phone photos in one place, printed into a little photo book. Adding my photos I found some of our favourite memories this year.

Our favourite adventures this summer was all the beaches the girls and I explored near our home. I am a beach lover! And we learned this Summer that Lily is too. She would live in her bathing suit if she had the choice. Our go to beach is always at the Trailer where my Husband grew up. Lovesick Lake is part of the Kawarthas, and the park is its own tiny community filled with great people. And lots of kids! Lily made some new friends this summer and also learned how to swim on her own with water wings! I may have cried a bit because my oldest baby is growing up too fast for me.

The girls and I got to spend the day exploring a beach closer to our home. Only 30 minutes away we discovered Cobourg Beach with an amazing mom friend of mine. The best part of this beach is that there is a playground and a splash pad! Lots of different entertainment for kids, making it easier to spend your whole day by the water.

Our best beach exploration this summer was definitely Sandbanks Provincial Park. This beach is the largest outlet in North America and it has a sweet spot in my heart. Growing up, my parents, Aunt and Uncle would take us kids to Sandbanks. I have so many memories of this place that it warms my heart every time my feet touch it’s sand. Since Lily was born, I’ve been wanting to take my kids here and I am happy that I get to finally cross it off our bucket list. Not just once but twice! The girls and my niece got to explore Sandbanks with myself, and my parents. Out everyone I think my parents and I enjoyed the trip the most, reliving my childhood memories. Days where my parents would get off work early, pick us up from school and we would have dinner picnics on the beach and watched the sunset.

Recapping these memories makes me so excited for next summer, and I’m loving what I’m creating on Simple Prints. This company makes it so easy to put all of your phone and social media photos into an organized memory book. The ease of their app is what really drew me to them in the first place. I can make a few books in less than 30 minutes and their turn around time is fast.

I’m so excited to get them! And thanks for recapping our beach adventures with me!

Jaclyn Yvonne

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