How to End your Day on a Good Note

Today was one of those long days. Every time I looked at the clock only five minutes has passed. And when I looked around my house, my to do list kept getting bigger. While my house was getting messier. Almost never ending! But I had a fun tea party with my girls so it was worth it!

These days can get the best of us sometimes. But you don’t have to let them if you do a few things before bed to end your day on a positive. I aim to do these even on a good day, where I get my normal routine completed. I’ve noticed that if I’ve had a rough, long or less accomplished days. These tasks really improve my mood before bed, and set me up for a better tomorrow.

How to End Your Day On A Good Note

  1. After Dinner, we always fill the dishwasher. And if I know there might be some more dirty dishes to come set it to delay start for 8pm. This way if there isn’t any other dirty dishes, or we don’t add them the dishwasher still turn on. I’m ok with a couple of dirty cups then all of the dinner pots and plates still dirty in the morning. This is my life saver! Fun Fact about me, I HATE washing dishes!
  2. Clearing off the counters is a must. I love walking down in the morning to clean kitchen, a nice fresh start to the day.
  3. Load the washing machine and delay start it to the morning. I’m able to delay start mine pretty far ahead which is another positive. To whoever created delay start on appliances, you are a saint. I get a jump start on the dirty clothes which is a big bonus for days where I have quite a few loads to do. I always set an alarm after I put the clothes in to switch them over to the dryer in the morning. I have forgotten I don’t know how many times so this prevents stinky clothes later in the day.
  4. Set your clothes out the night before. This will save you time and the hassle in the morning. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat in my closet for 15 minutes figuring out what to wear. Leaving the house still not happy with my decision. When I’m getting ready for bed, this is when I decide what I’m going to wear.
  5. Clean up the kids toys/ tidy up one room. We have a playroom in our home and in one day it can look like a tornado happened. My goal is always to tidy it up with my oldest daughter before she goes to bed. So when we wake in the morning, we have a fresh start today. If you don’t have kids tidy up a room, your bathroom or eating area. You want to walk down in the morning and thank yourself for completing that task.

These are my main tasks I strive to achieve every night. Between feeling satisfaction from completing more for the day, it helps start the next day on a good note. Little things that bring you happiness can help life your day more than you think.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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