The Power Hour!

My Husband has been on a new work schedule that gives him more time at home with our girls. Big bonus because the past two years he has had limited time. So we have really been trying to take advantage of his days off to make up for the last two years. Filling our days with adventures and memories. The only thing is that our house has been put on the back burner, especially our laundry. Then when my Husband goes back to work I find myself going into overdrive to clean up. I love a clean house but I’m loving this extra time my Husband has off.

So I started implementing a “power hour”. An hour everyday where we get things done on our to-do list. Laundry, vacuuming, dishes etc. I use to do this when I was in school to help me stay on top of my school work.

This “power hour” is great for anyone who is a procrastinator. You set aside an hour to do the things you have been putting off. Or it’s great for people with busy schedules like myself who don’t have the time throughout the day to stay on top of it.

How are we successful at it? We do the same hour everyday! We do 6:30-7:30am, and I make sure to do this even on the days my Husband works. It not only puts us in a routine but my children also. The girls understand it’s “to-do” time. So after breakfast we get right into the “power hour”. We make sure to include the girls in the activities so everyone is busy, Lily learns new skills and the list gets done. Then after the hour, it’s time for my youngest daughter to have her first nap and my toddler gets her second breakfast with TV time. While Mom and Dad relax as well with some more coffee and breakfast.

We prefer the morning so we have more family time in the afternoon, when the weather is usually nicer. This hour gives us a sense of satisfaction because we completed some tasks so early in the day. And we don’t feel lazy or guilty for not getting anything done if we don’t do any tasks in the afternoon.

We are only a few days in, but my Husband mentioned this morning how much he is liking this “power hour”. And is happy we have found something to keep us on top of our to-do list. We both agree the house was starting to get a bit out of control.

If you find you’re procrastinating or not getting as much done in a day. Try the “power hour”, or even 30 minutes. A block of time you solely dedicate to your to-do list and see what happens.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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