Why I Meditate Daily + my fave guided meditations

Mom life somedays has me rattled. When both my toddler and baby endlessly are needing something, the house is a disaster, and Im drowning in life. These days can sure bring down my drive to keep going an to strive for more.

And do any of you parents find you have a hard time falling asleep at night? I know I sure do. Putting my head down on the pillow, filled with thoughts; my plan for tomorrow, my to-do list, things I want to improve as a parent and more.

I was starting to get exhausted and I was looking for ways to help me everyday relax, get myself in the zone to improve my productivity, improve my sleep and overall happiness.

Many of my friends and the internet recommended meditation. I had used it in the past through yoga classes, but never did it at home. I always found I didn’t have the ambition to do it, or the time or didn’t even know how to do it at home. But I decided to really give meditation a shot, what did I have to lose?

Meditation has more benefits than you might have realized. You can boost your cognitive function, decrease anxiety, process emotions better, increase life satisfaction on top of reduced body pain and reduce insomnia. Some studies and people say it can improve blood pressure, relieve the Intensity of headaches, and assist with depression. So many benefits from doing something ten minutes a day.

Where to start? You can start with guided meditation till you’ve mastered the skill to do it on your own. I still do guided podcasts because I find I can easily stray and lose my focus. Make sure you focus on your breathing, this will help you achieve all those benefits I listed above. Expect to think! I always had this idea that during meditation you don’t think at all, and when I would try it. And start thinking, I believed that meditation was not for me. Till I actually took the time to learn meditation and realized it’s normal to think. And that sometimes it’s good too. Help you process emotions and anxieties of the day. Meditation is not easy, it takes practice. I am only six months in and I still haven’t mastered it yet.

Guided meditations can be found in many platforms. YouTube, Spotify, books, Instagram and podcasts. And probably so many more. My go to is podcasts. There is a variety of different authors to chose from, and you can find meditations specific to your needs. To help guide you through what you’re wanting to improve, physical stress, finding your truth, balance or resetting emotions. It’s endless the different ones you can find, but that’s why I love them. If I have a day where I want to focus on my confidence, I pick one to guide me through to help increase my confidence.

Definitely take advantage of your podcast app! Here are some of my favourites.

  1. Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton
  2. Daily Meditation Podcast with Mary Meckley
  3. The Meditation Podcast with Jesse and Jeans Stearn

Remember it takes lots of practice, be patient with yourself and your thoughts. Focus on your breathing and you will succeed.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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