How to Increase Your Productivity in 5 Minutes (+discover your power hour)

Less than two weeks till our Mexico trip, and I am already feeling overwhelmed by my to-do lists. Trying to complete everything while taking care of the kids, staying on top of our regular daily tasks and stressing over not getting things done.

Is this “Momxiety”? Ahh! Wish I was laying on the beach already! But I have a go to protocol whenever my life gets crazy like this. When my to-do lists are overflowing, and things need to be done! All it takes is 5 minutes. I not kidding either. Sometimes I can do it in 3 minutes!

All you need to start is pen and paper.

Step 1: Write down everything you could do today, and/ or needs to be done.

Step 2: Pick 3 tasks – the top 3 tasks the MUST be done today!

Step 3: Pick 2 more tasks the COULD be done.

Step 4: Pick the easiest task, write down the time and get started!

Step 5: Once completed, cross it off your list. Pick the second quickest task, write down the time, get started and get started!

Continue doing this till your 3 MUSTS are completed, then move onto your 2 COULD tasks.

This will help you get done what you need to while giving you daily satisfaction. The achievement you’ll feel from this activity will excite you to do more!

Here is an example of mine today:

Now, try doing this everyday for a week. Look at your start times everyday and see what times you do the most work. If you see you got two tasks done between 7-8am, then this is your power hour!

From here, you set up your power hour everyday. Establishing your power hour, will help boost your productivity.

Try this activity, see what can happen to your productivity.


Jaclyn Yvonne

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