My Fave Foundations!

Another early morning in our home! But I got some more work done, and squeezed in a good meditation session before Lily woke up. I also achieved my goal of a morning run before eight o’clock! Feeling the productivity today!

Monday mornings are a bit crazy in our household. Getting Lily ready for Daycare, Isla for her swimming class. And prepping lunch for when we get home. So today is a baseball cap, boyfriend jeans and t-shirt kind of day.

But there are days when I do like to dress up, do my hair and makeup. Mom life can make it hard some days to do a full face of makeup, occasionally I need to do something more simple, or moderate that will last a few hours.

Listed below are my fave foundations from light to full coverage. Give you a variety depending on your day, and desired look.

1. Starting with a light coverage foundation, I recommend the Garnier Skin Active BB Cream. This is my go to almost every time I put foundation on. It’s smooth, and goes on really nicely. This cream helps even out the skin tone, and with SPF 15 makes it great choice for all day wear. You want sunscreen to help prevent sun damage and early signs of aging!

2. My medium coverage choice is Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous. It goes on really nicely with a foundation brush, great coverage and lasts quite a few hours. I use this foundation on days where I’m out and about all day, and want my makeup to last into the evening. You can find it at any drugstore and it’s very affordable!

3. For full coverage, I always use Nars. This is my choice for evening makeup or photos. Beautifully creamy, with amazing coverage. This foundation has been my favourite for quite sometime now. I highly recommend you get a professional to match your skin colour, it’s pricey and you want to make sure you chose the right shade.

Who would of thought a gal like myself would have so many different foundation options. But honestly, they nice to have on hand just incase. You never know what kind of events you’ll have to go to. And I like to look put together sometimes to feel like I have my life somewhat under control (giggle to myself).

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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