How to stay “Mom-ergized” all day!

Last night I thought I would treat myself to a relaxing night on the couch binging on Netflix. I made my way to bed around 10pm, which is very late for me! Little did I know that Lily was going to wake up at 4:15am this morning. Que the excessive yawning. Not being able to get more sleep because of a persistent toddler, up we went and started our day.

I could feel the exhaustion kicking in by 8am, even after my coffee. How do you stay energized? I’ve learned through motherhood some ways for you to keep your energy level up without overdosing on coffee.

Workout in the morning if you can. Stretch, yoga or a full workout. It helps gets your blood flowing, improve brain conductivity and helps natural keep you going especially in the morning. And try a walk in the afternoon to refresh your system, to give you an energy boost mid-day.

Drink water, staying hydrated is key! Helps keep your metabolism going, fights symptoms of fatigue and can help with that nasty exhaustion headache.

A healthy breakfast can help get your body going first thing in the morning. And help carry you through the day. I always aim for a high protein breakfast, and stay away from sugars; healthy and artificial. Sugars give you a quick boost of energy, not long lasting and can leave you more sluggish than when you first woke up. Go for protein, it will fill you for longer because of how long it takes for your body to digest the food. Even try adding some health fats like coconut oil or olive oil to really give you a full feeling, and the energy you need to keep you going. Plus healthy fats, even avocado help protect the mitochondria in your cells, and the healthier your mitochondria the more energy you will have.

Eat healthy all day! Again stay away from the sugars. It is hard sometimes because when we are tired, our body craves sugar to give it that big boost it needs. Like I said before, it doesn’t last long and you end up crashing. My mid morning snack is always a smoothie after my high protein breakfast, then a healthy low carbohydrate lunch and dinner. Try to have snacks on hand that will do you good like veggies and hummus, another smoothie, apples, pears or oatmeal and fruit. Give you good energy that will keep you going.

My day today is going to be consisting of all of the above, with the hope that I might be able to squeeze in a nap!

Hope these tips help, thanks for reading.

Jaclyn Yvonne

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