Overcoming Fear to Change for the Better

Motherhood has taught me more than how to care for a child, but has taught me qualities about myself I didn’t know I have, and has made me desire qualities I wish I did have. Lately I’ve really been focusing on my self-care, and through my time to myself I’ve discovered that there is one thing holding me back from striving for what I want deep down inside. It’s fear.

Fear has a unique way to keep us comfortable, in a stable zone. Which is how so many people get stuck in life not doing what they really want to do. Leaving them on this straight path, which leads to regret and unhappiness.

What kind of fear am I talking about? Fear from failure, disappointment, disapproval, confusion, lack of strength or lack of knowledge. It’s endless the variety of different fears. For myself I had a fear of disappointment and failure when it came to starting this blog. I had dabbled in it for a year before I decided to finally go for it! Do it consistently, and try to make something of myself. Other than being a stay at home mom. Which I love doing! I had this feeling in my heart that I could accomplish so much more in life, be successful at something but still take care of my children.

How did I go for it? First I wrote down what I wanted. What I desired the most was another hobby on the side to hopefully be successful at, to help others and give them the knowledge I have been learning since becoming a Mother. I made a goal to myself that I would only focus on these things and nothing else. Because what mattered the most was what I wanted.

So what if I was a disappointment? I got to spend time writing, and if I was a disappointment maybe I could learn from my mistakes and improve the areas I was lacking in. So what if I was a failure? I have limited knowledge of social media, how to spread my word to the world and reach so many other people like myself. The chances of me failing were higher than succeeding and I learned to accept it before I jumped into blogging. And that if I did fail, to understand that it was me and not others.

Another tip I have is to listen to only what you have to say. Blogging consistently for two months, I’ve already had a few “not so nice” comments. The first one I received I was utterly shocked. Upset and slightly mortified by the their words, I felt the fear inside pulling me back into a comfort zone. I went back and looked at my desires, focused on what I wanted from blogging and decided to keep pushing myself into an uncomfortable area. Even if it leads to more mean comments. All that mattered was what I wrote down on that post, and that it’s someone’s disagreement with my words than with myself personally. And it doesn’t matter what strangers say, what matters is what you say in your heart.

Don’t let fear limit you from what you can achieve in your life. Whether it be starting a new business, fitness journey, moving to a new area, diet etc. I like to follow my fears, it’s usually the most exciting path.

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

If you’re wanting to make changes in your life, but have fears that are holding you back. Try writing down what you want the most from making a change, starting something new. Make a goal to only focus on those. What matters is you, and no one else!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

One thought on “Overcoming Fear to Change for the Better

  1. I love this ❤ Thank you for sharing your story- your honesty is so inspiring. I think I'm always afraid that people will dislike me and in the past, I've let that fear stop me from taking risks and sharing my story and words.


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