A Packing List for the Breastfeeding Momma

Mexico is almost here! And I’m starting to feel more comfortable about leaving the kids behind now that I’ve prepped everything. What has me all worked up now is exclusively pumping for six days. Spending the time each day to find an outlet to express my milk, ensuring I don’t engorge and my supply stays steady.

My goal is to make sure I pump a minimum of every four hours. I know it’s going to be annoying but it’s going to help prevent engorgement and should hopefully keep my body producing. When pumping you want to make sure you initiate a let-down this is going to be very beneficial for your breasts and supply.

To get the let down, first make sure you are relaxed. Sit down, put your feet up and put on some music. Second have some pictures of your baby handy. I plan on using pictures and videos in my phone, but I put some printed pictures in my suitcase just incase my phone is dead or not available to use. Videos work the best for me, hearing their voice and watching them in motion helps the let down start. If you’re finding the let down isn’t happening, try massaging your breasts or have a hot shower. You want the let down to help you excrete more milk, and it helps your hormones to keep you producing.

Now what to pack for a trip like this?

  • Two electric pumps – I know this seems a little much but trust me. You don’t want your one pump to die! Close your eyes and picture how panicked you will be. I’m bringing one in my carry on, the other in my checked luggage.
  • Manual Pump- I only have one which I think is all you need. This is for times you don’t have accessible electricity. You think you can hold of on pumping but trust me. Save yourself the engorgement!
  • Breast Pads – Pumping every four hours there may be times my breast get full and decide to let go on their own. You don’t want that happening while you’re out to a nice candlelight dinner.
  • Extra bras- Just incase those breast pads don’t catch it all.
  • Clean water – Find this at the resort or place your staying. Even though the milk isn’t going to your baby. You still want to clean the pump and accessories to prevent you getting an infection of some kind.
  • Pictures and videos – You need this for your let down! Make sure your phone and who ever else your going with has pictures and videos on their phone. Definitely pack printed pictures.
  • A decent size travel bag – to store your pump if you go somewhere. Pumps take up a lot of space!
  • Water bottle – Stock up in the hotel, ask the front desk for extra bottles. Even though you’re not feeding your child, you still have to stay hydrated. This will help keep your supply up!
  • Muslin Blanket – This is for if you have to pump in public and want privacy. I’m not bringing one, because I don’t care. But others might, so pack one just incase.

Hope this helps any of you Moms going on vacation soon!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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