Momma, go on vacation!

My recent trip to Los Cabo has liberated me to want to spend more time away from my kids. Not in a bad, “I don’t want to be around my kids” kind of feeling. Wanting to make sure I give myself the self care time that I need to be a better mom. And spend time with my Husband to be a better wife and to improve our relationship.

Our relationship isn’t horrible, although we do spend many nights sitting on our phones with a hockey game on.

This vacation reminded us how much we love spending time together. We had such a blast I forgot how fun we can be out in public. We were the only parents with young kids on this trip and we killed the party scene. I didn’t think I could stay up so late most nights and show off my dance moves three nights in a row.

I’ll be honest and say my eight month old had a rough first day. But with some patience from my family, everyone made it through the cranky stage. And the rest of the week was a breeze. My toddler killed it, between being happy, super helpful with Isla and just overall an awesome kid. I feel very comfortable leaving my kids again for a sleepover, or even just a long period of time so I can do what I need or want.

The first two years of being a parent I burnt myself out. Thinking I need to exceed everyone’s expectations, go above and beyond for my kids, my husband and to be the best mom this world has ever seen. Which led to my severe burnout. Many of my passions were set aside, I was never fully content with my inner self and my marriage was not a main focus, when it probably should have been.

On our trip, during a delicious breakfast my Husband and I made a goal to focus more time on ourselves individually and together. So we can be better for each other, ourselves and our girls. A goal we should have made when Lily was first born, but being a new parent there is a lot of learning. At least now we have recognized what we both need to be happy.

So if you feel like you need time to yourself, you aren’t happy with life and feel like a break is needed. JUST GO! Seriously. Whether it’s one night, a weekend or a week vacation. Go. You will be so thankful you did by the time you come home, you will be kicking yourself for it doing it sooner. Your house will survive, your children will be cared for. They will be fed, have playtime and probably receive a boat load of love. I know my girls received more than what they get in a day from me because Nana and Grandad were so happy to be spending quality time with them.

Again, GO!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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