Dating Yourself (+ five fave dates)

Moms, anyone and everyone. Have you tried dating yourself? Blocking off specific time to do the things that you love in life by yourself!

I’m not talking about going to the grocery store, or the gym by yourself. Actually going out and doing what you love! Something relaxing, fun, new, adventurous, for you and only you.

This is a concept that I personally love. Yes I love to go out with my Husband or friends, but doing something by yourself gives you more freedom. You chose what you want, where, and how long for. No need to worry about someone not liking an idea, or showing up late. Dating yourself is a great way to increase your self-love!

Dating yourself probably sounds awkward, and it might be the first time you go out. But trust me, you will love it.

Tips for Dating Yourself

  • Set a specific time. Pick your day and time and stick to it!
  • Or be spontaneous! A little bit of free time opened up? Head on out instead of doing something at home.
  • Do not procrastinate. Once you’ve picked your day and what you’re doing, go out and do it!
  • Pick a date that reflects your current mood. Feeling bored? Go try something new like a pottery class or a dance class. Feeling exhausted? Go get a massage.
  • Tell yourself you are doing this for you! This will help you feel comfortable, especially if this takes you out of your comfort zone.

Now that we have gone over how to be successful at dating yourself. Let’s start planning some dates!

My Five Favourite Dates

  1. Coffee shop and journaling. This is my go to most of the time. I love coffee and I love the opportunity to sit down and reflect on my life goals. I pick a coffee shop close to some cute stores incase I feel like wandering a bit afterwards.
  2. Go to the Library. I love discovering new books and topics. New cookbooks, or fiction novels. I also love the peace and quiet, especially if I was having a crazy day with the kids.
  3. Have a spa day. Whether you get away for the whole day or go for a massage and facial. Take some time to really relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.
  4. Try something new! You’ve been interested in a cooking class? Sign up!
  5. Get out into nature. Hiking is a passion of mine! Being outside, breathing fresh air while getting some exercise is all around great!

Next time you have some free time to yourself, go on a date!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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