My fave healthy fast food options

My Husband just finished working eight days straight, thirteen hour shifts. I’m so blessed to have a man in my life that works hard for our family. But these longs days can be tiring, and sometimes we resort to fast food for dinner.

My goal is to only eat out twice a month and we usually hit our goal. Both my Husband and I agree that eating out is a waste of money and it’s really hard to find healthy options. Foods that aren’t saturated in fats and salt with minimal nutrients. But occasionally you need a break from making dinner or don’t have time too due to crazy schedules. So what do we eat? Is probably what you are thinking right about now.

Some of my favourite fast food options for dinner are:

  1. Extreme pita – they have a huge variety of healthy ingredients and recently have introduced Buddha bowls with quinoa. Also they can make flatbread pizzas which is always a win for my toddler. You can also create custom orders, so you can steer away from sauces high in fat and sugars.
  2. Freshii – Similar to Extreme Pita. They have a large variety of healthy meals packed with nutrients. Their variety is more flavourful, with unique tastes. I will admit I’ve had a hard time finding something that my toddler likes without completely customizing something for her. But my Husband and I love it for ourselves.
  3. Copper Branch – It’s vegan and honestly every menu item is packed with deliciousness. I’m actually salivating thinking about their Copper Bowl. It doesn’t take a bit longer to make and it’s quite pricey. But if you want healthy, flavourful vegan food. It is an amazing option!

One downside to every place I listed above is that none have drive thrus. Which is a huge bummer, so if you are reading this. Get some drive thrus! Nights where I have to take the girls with me can be such a pain. Getting everyone out of the car, dressed for the cold weather and Isla into the stroller is a lot of work. But these food options are better than some other fast food restaurants that don’t have healthy food options. So please, get some drive thrus.

Definitely take the time to research fast food options to find menu items that are healthy for everyone in your family. And don’t feel embarrassed ordering a crazy custom wrap. It’s about what you want. You should see my Extreme Pita order, honestly they think I’m crazy. Go for it, get what you want and don’t think you’re annoying. Because at the end of the day, you are a paying customer.

Next time you plan on eating out, aim for healthy!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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