How Red Raspberry Leaf Tea SAVED Me From My Menstrual Symtpoms

Let’s me just start by saying, periods are a pain in the ass! It’s gives us the opportunity to make life, but it comes with many unpleasant symptoms. Cramping, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, moods caused by hormones, food cravings and face breakouts. There is many more!

My periods have always given me a hard time, I’ve missed school, work and haven’t left my house before because I was so worried I would flood and have a huge red mark on my butt. I would treat my symptoms with water, exercise and the occasional over the counter medication.

I first discovered Red Raspberry Leaf tea when I was pregnant with my first. This tea has many benefits while you’re in your third trimester (that’s a whole other blog post on its own). My Sister-In law works for a company that sells loose leaf tea, so I bought a huge bag. After my first was born, I tucked the huge bag under the counter and forgot all about it.

Now let’s fast forward to six months postpartum, when my lady friend returned. First I was devastated because I thought that by exclusively breastfeeding it would not return till at least a year. Second I was in so much pain, I thought this just isn’t fair to women. Especially women who just experienced labour, birth and the first few weeks home with a newborn. After a week from hell, I told myself it was the first period since having a baby. The next will be better! I was so wrong. Another week from hell, and know what sucks about having your period with kids? You can’t just lay in bed all day, you still have to be a Mom while suffering all these horrible symptoms.

Fed up with this unbearable pain. I spent some time on Pinterest and google, trying to find a miracle that would save me from my period discomforts. And I actually did! I came across some information about how Red Raspberry Leaf tea can improve PMS symptoms and cramps during periods.

The tannins found in this tea can help the cramping, diarrhea and nausea. They are also believed to help strengthen the uterus, which can help with heavy bleeding and irregular menstrual cycles. These tannins are similar polyphenols found in wine. Fragarine is also found in this tea which is believed to help tone the pelvic area, which can help alleviate cramping caused by muscle spasms.

Red Raspberry Leaf tea contains Calcium and Magnesium, that are believed to help with the tightening and toning of the region, alleviating cramps from muscle spasms.

Now with any remedy you should always consult a health care provider who has knowledge of this product. Some evidence shows this tea can make certain conditions worse such as endometriosis, fibroids, breast cancer etc. So before you go and buy a huge amount of this tea, go ask a professional some questions. I spoke with a Naturopathic Doctor.

Since drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea for my menstrual cycles, my life has changed dramatically. Having just one cup alleviates cramps within one hour, and continually drinking it through my cycle has helped with bloating and my bleeding. Six months postpartum from my second child, my lady friend appeared again and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my bleeding compared to my first child. Also my cycle has been more regular than in the past. This tea is definitely worth looking into if you’re looking menstrual relief.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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