Our Fav Handprint Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is my favourite time of year to make crafts. I’ll be honest and say I go a bit craft crazy every year. Our favourite crafts are ornaments that you can display on your tree. I love seeing my crafts as a young child still hung on my parents Christmas tree. It reminds me of all our amazing holiday memories!

My go to ornament crafts are handprints! They in my opinion are the best because you can see the growth of your children through years. And what child doesn’t love to play with paint and make handprints? Yes it makes a mess but the fun they and yourself will have is priceless.

Reindeer Handprints

A very simple craft with the opportunity to be very creative. All you need is:

  • Brown paint
  • Paper
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • Fuzzy red nose
  • Googly eye
  • Glue
  • Hole punch

As you can see from the picture you simply make the handprint. Add an eye, a nose. Make two hole punches; one above the thumb for the antler and one at the top of the paper to use a pipe cleaner to hold the ornament.

Handprint Christmas Tree

This craft is a ton of fun for the kids because there is a lot of choice involved. For the decorations on the tree you can use buttons, fuzzy balls, marker, stickers etc.

All you need is :

  • Green construction paper
  • Glue scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Your choice of ornament decorations

Trace your child’s hand, cut out and decorate! Very easy. Be sure to supervise the kids when using the scissors.

Handprint Mittens

The whole family could do this craft! Mom, Dad and all the kittens. A cute collection of mittens on the tree as a beautiful family keepsake! All you need is:

  • Your choice of colour of construction paper
  • Fuzzy balls
  • Paint colour of your choice
  • Ribbon

Make your handprint, decorate your mittens and voila! Very easy and fun for the whole family!

Three very simple handprint ornament crafts that make the cutest keepsakes for your Christmas Tree!

Have a fun holiday season!

Jaclyn Yvonne

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