How to Workout More

So it’s Monday. Another week, and you didn’t go to the gym as often as you wanted to last week. This is so me right now! It’s only the beginning December and the craziness of Christmas is overwhelming our house. And I’m letting it! Everyone falls off the wagon once in a while, and it’s ok too. I’ve been enjoying extra time with my family, doing lots of fun activities and decorating our house for the holiday season. But I need to workout! So I’m making a goal this morning to set up my life this week so I get to the gym!

How am I going to achieve this? Well I’m going to let you in on my secrets! The tricks I have to get me back on track with my workout routine.

Put it in your calendar

I put it in every calendar I have! In my phone and on my family wall calendar so even my Husband sees. Seeing it constantly on my schedules helps keep my goal in my mind. And nothing motivates me more than when my Husband looks at the calendar and asks “Did you workout today?” By putting it in your calendar you can also work your schedule around it so there shouldn’t be too many excuses why you didn’t workout.

Lay out your clothes

Selecting your workout clothes before and placing them somewhere where you will see can help get your workout in. My go to place is my bed but somedays when I know it is busy but I want to workout. I will leave them on my stairs so I can change in the bathroom and go downstairs for my workout. Or if you’re off to work and plan on coming home, then working out. Pack your gym clothes with you! So you can just head straight there.

You could take it to a whole other level by wearing you’re workout clothes. If you’re able too. I highly recommend doing this! Nothing better than saying “ok time to workout!” And you can get right into because you’re already dressed!

Leave a bag packed in your car

Some people have safety kits in their vehicles, well everyone should. Why not add a gym bag with workout clothes! I love the option of being out and about and having some extra time to head to the gym. Just don’t forget your shoes!

Create at home routines

The world of Pinterest is amazing! You can find endless workouts you could do right in your living room! Saves you the time and drive to the gym. And maybe instead of spending your money on a gym membership, sign up with a fitness coach that can coach you online. Who will give you workouts and even help with your nutrition. More beneficial than just going to the gym.

Sign up for a class

How many of you reading this just go to the gym and get onto an elliptical or treadmill? Sign up for a fitness class that will help you work your whole body! I’ve found that paying for a class helps keep me motivated to go. First you’re spending the money, plus you’re doing it with other people. Deep down you feel like you need to go to show them you’re doing it. The goal is to focus on yourself and your goals, but it does give you an extra push to keep doing it.

Have a buddy

Do you think you need more than a few reminders? Someone to tell you, “hey see you in an hour”. Find a buddy that you can go to the gym with, who you could maybe carpool with. You don’t have to do the same workout as them but the responsibility of getting someone to the gym will help get there.

There are my tricks to getting myself to the gym more often!

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