The Reality of Motherhood

Social media is a blessing and a curse. Having almost complete access to the world. But our entire world is not honest. A picture can speak a thousand words, but not always the truth. There is a ton of pictures and videos that don’t show the reality of motherhood. All you see is fabulous looking Moms, great outfits, gorgeous houses and smiling kids.

When I became pregnant with our first, and looked into Motherhood. I saw all these photos and felt excited. I couldn’t wait for motherhood! What I saw looked amazing, and I thought I’ll look great! I’ll bake and have a clean house. Everything will be amazing! I legit was excited from what I saw on social media. If you’re a parent reading this, you’re probably thinking. “Wow! She is dumb.” Yeah I was. I was naive and blind to the reality of motherhood.

But it wasn’t just all social media. I spoke to many Moms who made it sound great, who decided not to tell me the gritty details of a newborn baby. That they can cry for a very long time, diaper changes are endless. And that you’ll do more outfit changes in a day thank Kim Kardashian. They sugar coated what I was actually going to be experiencing. Now, I’m not pointing fingers but I wish I was given more truth to their explanations. That when they say “you’re going to be a bit sleep deprived but it won’t be for long”. Ummm… wrong! Three years in and I’m still sleep deprived. I know they were probably wanting to keep me excited and not terrify me about what was to come. But I would rather be terrified than shocked. Shocked that explosive poopy diapers, are more than explosive. They are diabolic!

My first three months home were less than favourable. Between healing, adjusting to a baby and experiencing postpartum depression. I was a mess, and let’s just say. I was not happy about being a mom. I love my Daughter very much, but the actually Mom job. Definitely was not a fan at first, and it’s because it was nothing like I had expected.

Thankfully I did adjust, my Husband was my saving grace. I learned that I’m meant to be a Mom. And I realized that motherhood is nothing like what you see on social media and that it’s very hard. That those amazing pictures of moms and their cute kids probably took twenty tries. And that she was covered in food before she got dressed. The bags under her eyes are perfectly hidden by expensive products and makeup. Or she is super rich and has lots of help, just saying. And if you are able to rock motherhood without experiencing this and without a nanny, then you are my hero. You are a goddess and down right amazing.

In my life, I wear my kids food on me. I usually smell like poop or pee at one point during the day. I’ve mastered how to not wash my hair for a whole week. I have gained many facial wrinkles and body pains. I smell bums more than flowers. I’ve sat in my closet a few, by myself and have cried. I’ve given up on the perfect picture and aim for silly photos, where neither kids are looking and my oldest is giving me the biggest smile, it’s slightly scary. And my kids usually dress better than myself. I’ve lived off of coffee and my kids leftovers some days. Or just haven’t eaten because I’ve forgotten too. Oh and I’ve peed my pants a couple times. Either from laughing or holding it for so long because I thought feeding my baby girl, changing her bum and getting laundry done was more of a priority.

Motherhood is not pretty. Dropping that truth bomb hard. But it is the most magical experience in your life. My kids bring so much joy to my life and I could not imagine it without them. Motherhood is more than perfect pictures. The best memories come from the imperfect moments. Motherhood is hard, tiring and draining. You will never be tested more than being a parent. When you’re child asks you “why?” for the millionth time. Or they think running away from you with a marker, with no lid is funny. And getting marker on your new jacket you spent a fortune on is hilarious.

So can we all just start posting the reality of Motherhood? And be truthful to one another. I made a goal that if a Mom asked me a question I give her “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, and you better handle it because you’re about to have a baby.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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