Detox Baths for Kids

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Poor Lily is sick with the cold with only a week till Christmas! I’ve been in overdrive all day making sure she stays hydrated, rests and eats healthy foods to help give her body what it needs to overcome this sickness fast!

Tonight we did a detox bath! You’re probably thinking I’m a crazy mom but detox baths are great for kids. They help boost their immune system, remove chemicals from everyday products through your skin. Your liver is the main organ that filters these chemicals. So a detox bath gives your liver a bit of a break.

For a successful detox bath you need baking soda, you can even use Vitamin C powder. This helps neutralize the water which is great for your body because most water has chlorine in it.

You don’t need to use soap, if you need to do nothing harsh because the skins pores will be open. We want to remove toxins not absorb more.

Epsom salts, which is magnesium surface not salt. Is great for our bodies in many ways. Helps with muscle and nerve function and reduces inflammation. You can buy scent or non-scented. I get unscented so I can add my own oils.

You can mix up the baths scents my using high quality, top grade essential oils. Tonight we used 2 drops of eucalyptus to help with Lily’s cold. Or another favourite of mine is Lemon Essential Oil. I highly recommend Young Living.

Last you will need coconut oil. A popular product in our home. It helps boost immunity, reduce inflammation, kills candida, sleep aid and many more benefits.

This bath helps soften skin, alleviate sore muscles, aid with sleep while helping with sickness. I aim for a detox bath once a week, I never go longer than two weeks. Kids are surrounded by so many artificial products even when I try really hard to stay natural.

Detox Bath Recipe

  • 1/4 cup baking sofa
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salts
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2-3 drops of high quality essential oil

Run your bath water at a warm temperature. Add in your Epsom salts and baking soda. I will melt the coconut oil before and blend the essential oil in. Then add in once the bath is filled. You will need to scrub your tub after because the coconut oil sticks to everything !

So if your little one isn’t feeling well. Or if you want a nice relaxing bath I highly recommend this recipe! I usually add in more Epsom salts for myself because of the higher volume of water in the tub.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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