New Years Resolution REVAMP

How is 2018 almost over? Anyone else thinking this past year went by extremely fast? Although it has gone by fast and our year was filled with a new baby and many memories. I am very excited for what 2019 has in store for our family. And what better way to start the New Year off than with some resolutions.

Majority of people around the world part take in some resolutions to help improve the upcoming year, their health, their job, household or overall satisfaction with life. That’s many resolutions. The average person makes 3-5 New Years Resolutions. And how many people do you think are successful with these goals? If you’re thinking not many, than you are correct. Most people actually “fall off the bandwagon” around middle of February. I know for myself, I have been one of these people many years. And by the time the following year comes around, and its time to make new goals, I’m stating the same goals as the previous year.

What if there was a way we could over come this? Do something that helps us achieve our New Years resolution?

Well I think I have found a way.

I started this journey with my 2018 resolutions. Knowing that I was probably not going to be successful with my new goals, and that by March I was on to something new. I decided to REVAMP my New Years resolutions. Most people say ” In 2019, I’m going too…….”. WHAT IF WE BROKE DOWN THE TIMELINE?

Instead of making your timeline the entire year. Break each resolution into a specific time frame. For example, the month of January you can focus on eating healthier. February you can add another resolution such as waking up earlier in the morning. Separating your resolutions, to allow you time to focus on one at a time. Can help set you up for better success.

What causes us to fail is by putting so many goals, all in different categories on our plate. Trying to eat healthy, wake up early, use less chemicals and exercise more is too many changes for us to make in our life. To adjust too instantly on January 1st, and to keep with our goals. Breaking them down gives us an adjustment period for each resolution to help keep stick with it after a couple of weeks.

Now you don’t have to break it down month by month. You can do weeks, or a couple of months at a time. You’re end result is to have worked on each resolution by the end of the year. For 2018 I broke it down into a couple of months. First it was focusing on my family and newborn child from January to April. Then I focused on my health and diet from April to August. By the end of the year I focused on our household and eliminating chemicals from September till December. I didn’t know what to expect when breaking down my resolution timeline. But by doing so, I was focused on all three resolutions and completing them by the end of 2018. I hadn’t “fallen of the bandwagon”. I was DOING IT! And I was succeeding.

For 2019 I am going to do the same timeline for my three new resolutions. January to March I’m going to focus on my new fitcamp I signed up for. April to August I plan on focusing on some new work opportunities. September to December I am going to focus on our household and my girls schooling. I’ve already written down my goals in my 2019 planner.

Now what if you don’t succeed the first resolution. Well you can try and add it in again later in the year. And reflect on what didn’t work. So when you do the goal again you can set yourself up for better success.

REVAMP your resolutions this year! Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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