7 Money Saving Grocery Tips

As a family of four, I’ve seen our grocery bill go up drastically in the past couple of months, since Isla started eating solids. And these expensive weekly grocery trips can add up, and next thing you know you’re spending a thousand dollars a month at the grocery store. Oh yes, I’ve done it before. Since becoming a stay at home Mom, living off one income. I’ve learned ways to help us save money at the store. And yes, I’m writing to share with you all!

  1. Buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh. Sounds a little crazy but I have found it actually is cheaper to buy a bag of frozen broccoli, and it will last longer. How many of us have bought vegetables only to throw them out because they have gone bad? I have many times. And don’t be worried that frozen isn’t as good for you. It still contains all the same nutrients as fresh. Some people say it has less vitamin C due to the blanching process before freezing. Other say frozen is more nutritious for you because it was frozen while at its peak, or ripeness. Fresh produce loses nutrients during their travel time to the store.
  2. Create meal plans around what is on sale. If I see chicken is on sale, or specific vegetables. I will make meals from those items. If I have extra money one week I will even buy extra of those and leave them in the freezer for a week we are a little strapped for cash.
  3. Buy large packs. You will get more bang for your buck if you spend more at the store. For example I normally buy large packs of ground beef, especially when it is on sale. One large pack of meat, allows me to make two dinners and two lunches. Even though you may be spending more on that one item, broken down into all the meals you make from it. Help you spend less during your trip.
  4. Make vegetarian meals. I know many people who love to have meat every night. But switch it up and go vegetarian once in a while! If you make a meal with produce that was on sale, and a can of chickpeas that is usually $1.50. You can save a lot of money compared to cooking with meat. Canned lentils are another go to protein option I use regularly as a meat substitute.
  5. Buy less processed. Even though buying a box of granola bars as a snack makes your life easier. The cost can add up, not to mention it adds more preservatives and additives to your diet. Unless you buy natural, and organic but we all know those products tend to cost more money. Make your own snacks for the week to help reduce your grocery bill. There are many recipes online for quick, easy and healthy snack. I make my own nut granola regularly.
  6. Eat out less. It’s not necessarily a grocery money saving tip, but eating out less will give you more money for groceries. Even though going out is convenient, it is quite expensive. On average for two people you will spend about $30 with no alcohol at dinner. You can make two to three meals with that amount of money.
  7. This is probably the most important tip. Meal plan! I’m a huge meal planner and have been for quite a few years. Figuring out all of our meals and snacks for the week and making my grocery list from that. I’m able to plan meals around items on sale, and I make fewer trips to the grocery store during the week. I found when I use to make multiple trips during the week I ended up spending more money. Meal planning helps you eat healthier, makes meals easier because you know what you are making and can make the whole family happy if you let everyone chose a meal.

There are my SIX money saving tips, that I use regularly to help keep our grocery bill down every month. I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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