Tips to Successfully Meal Plan (+ FREE Weekly Meal Planner)

Meal planning can help your household save money, focus on eating healthy and make meals easier. Sounds amazing, but getting started can be quite difficult.

When I first started meal planning, I didn’t know where to start. As I got going I had a hard time organizing my meals and my grocery list. My lists were chaotic and creating meals without repetition was harder than I expected. My family certainly was getting bored with everything I was making.

Thankfully after practise and doing research on methods to help with meal planning. I’ve created ways and have found apps to help make meal planning less.

Have an agenda or calendar to help your write down your meals each day, when you’re going grocery shopping. As well as events, so you know if you’re eating out or need extra lunch. I always write in my workout days so I know when I need to have more protein. You can also plan when you’re going to meal prep.

Look in the Prepear App! This app helps you write down your planned meals in your phone. You can research recipes, add your own. Make grocery lists and connect with friends. It’s an all in one! The variety of their recipes is the biggest list, but it is growing. When you click on a recipe, it automatically adds all the required ingredients to your shopping list. Without you having to do extra clicks.

Find a way to store your recipes. This is a great way to find what ingredients you need easily, you remind yourself of recipes you have and helps create your meal plan for the week. I have a metal ton that I keep written recipe cards in. I like to organize them by meat or protein. So when I see a specific meat on sale, I got right to that section in my tin to start creating.

Stuck on what meals to make? Ask your family what they want! I always ask my Husband and Toddler to pick two meals they want that week. Makes choosing some meals easier for myself, and everyone gets something they want that week.

Meal planning can help save money, what can help you be more savvy is checking what is on sale. Instead of waiting for your flyer, or going through the stores entire site. Download the Flipp App. It’s one location where you can find the flyers for all stores, pretty much. You can easily search for a stores flyer, or a particular item to see where it is on sale. In the flyer, you can select the item you see and it adds to your clippings list. So you can easily find the foods on sale.

Get yourself a meal planning book! You can use a notebook, a calendar or a book dedicated to meal planning. You want something you can write all your planned meals in. My favourite is the Mom Menu Planner from Chapters. If you want to save yourself time and money, SEE BELOW FOR A FREE WEEKLY MEAL PLANNER PRINTABLE!

There you go! What I use every week to help me be successful with meal planning!

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Jaclyn Yvonne

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