Why I chose to be a stay at home mom

If you had asked me, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I would not describe married with two kids and a dog. I wouldn’t describe my days fulfilled with kids activities and love, cooking and house chores. I love every part of motherhood. Even the days where I smell bad, usually covered in food and pee.

What some of you many not know is that I am a Registered Dental Hygienist. A couple of months ago, as we were coming close to the end of my maternity leave. My Husband and I sat down and had to make a decision. And really our decision came down to money. Daycare providers in my opinion have a hard, an extremely difficult job. The money they charge is fair and I will never be one to say you charge too much. But realizing how much it would cost to send two children full-time was going to take away a huge chunk from my pay cheque.

Before my second child I only worked part-time, which worked great for our schedule. My Husband works many hours in a week and is on a shift schedule. So his schedule is never consistent. For us to pay the daycare, and have extra money from my pay cheque I would need to work full-time. That’s an idea my Husband wasn’t really fond of because that meant we both weren’t going to be home often.

So we made the big decision for me to be a stay at home Mom.

Am I ok with this? I will say now, yes. When we first started talking about the idea of me staying home, I was a bit nervous. I love being a Registered Dental Hygienist. Meeting new people everyday and getting time out of the house to focus on something other than my kids and laundry. And I love having my own money. I’ve had a drive to work since I was twelve when I got my first babysitting job. Knowing that we have to rely solely on my Husband made me even more nervous. That he would have access to all of my spending (we have had our own bank accounts since we first started dating). I would have to talk to him more about what I need to buy and that we have to surround all of our spending around one income.

I’m thankful to have a Husband who understands my needs and we have created a system so I won’t feel like he is in charge and I have to ask him for money. Like a kid would ask their parents.

Knowing that I’m going to be home for my kids, my Husband and house to help make our lives easier, has me excited. I’m looking forward to seeing my children grow, to help them grow and learn new things. To give them constant love and encouragement. And to help get things done around the house so when my Husband comes home he can focus on the kids and not what needs to be done. Well he will need to focus on the dishes because I won’t wash them. One chore I refuse to do.

I’m excited for all the adventures we are going to do together.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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