Free Winter Activities To Get Out Of The House

One of the hardest parts about being a parent is entertaining your kids. Especially during the winter months where you feel more inclined to stay inside. I’m all about letting them be bored sometimes to help them develop their imagination. But some days you need to venture out to give everyone a break from the house, and do something exciting.

Over the past couple of years I have learned about our community. And all the free activities they have to offer for kids and families. And I’ve taught myself a few things I can do with the kids to entertain them without having to be in our home. And everyone has a ton of fun!

Get outside! Go to a park or even the backyard. If the weather is not the greatest, still get out! Bundle everyone up and go on adventure around your house. No matter what the weather is my toddler loves to be outside. Give everyone the opportunity to get some fresh air, and good activity. I love having my toddler help me shovel the driveway whenever we get snow.

Go for a walk. We like to take our girls out into nature and explore the plants and animals around them. Lily loves looking at birds and chasing the squirrels. And close to our house the salmon run up river once a year and she loves to see them jump. We create a simple scavenger hunt that all of us enjoy, to help teach Lily the different plants around her.

Go on a picnic. Pack your favourite foods and head out somewhere to relax and play outside. We love the outdoors we do this even in the winter. Pack up the sled and bring the dog and run around in the snow. Or make a snowman.

Check out your local library. Many libraries have activities for children of all ages to enjoy. Story times with crafts and dancing. Classes with a specific activity or games for the whole family. Even if there isn’t a class, go to the library and let your children discover books they like and bring them home to read. Many libraries have children areas where they can play as well.

Discover your Municipality. Many municipalities have funding for children’s activities. Such as open gyms and parent groups. Where they read, sing songs or do activities. Our local recreation centre holds an open gym twice a week where you can show up and play with all the toys they have out in the gymnasium. You can easily call your Municipality office to find out any child information.

Keep your eyes out for free recreation, such as skating or swimming. Many times local companies will sponsor a time for a free session for families. You can easily find these dates from your local arena or swimming pool.

There is just a few free ideas to get you out of the house. Some may offer many options depending on what your community has to offer! So bundle up!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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