A little bit about me

I realized the other day that I have gained so many new followers! And thought maybe I should introduce the women behind all the social media posts.

I am Jaclyn Yvonne, twenty-seven years old living outside of Toronto in the suburbs. I have two daughters, Lily who just turned three and Isla who turns one next month. I met my Husband six years ago, and have been married for almost two of those six years. Our story is actually quite funny. The short story is that he was suppose to help his friend “hook up” with me, be his wing man. Obviously he was a terrible wing man and that night Thomas won, not his buddy. No hard feelings now though!

I grew up in a small town, a very small town. Lived my days wandering around with friends on our bikes creating new adventures. Till I was ten years old, then we made a huge move out to Calgary, Alberta for my Dad’s job. I went from small town country girl to a big city girl. It was a big adjustment for me, but the experiences I had and the people I met helped shape me into who I am today. For that I am grateful.

We made our way back to Ontario when I was sixteen. I went off to University, only to drop out in my second year because I was so confused about what I wanted to do with my life. One drunk google search later, I pursued Dental Hygiene.

So off to Dental Hygiene school I went! Got my Advanced Diploma, only to then find out I was pregnant before my graduation! Talk about great timing!

I’m now a stay at home mom, writing a blog and now a Rep for Zyia Active Canada. If you told me five years ago this is where I would be, I probably would have laughed in your face. But I love where I am, and honestly would not want it any other way.

I love burgers and pulled pork sandwiches! If I could eat a burger at every meal I would and I love when it’s topped with deep fried avocado! Dark chocolate and wine together is AMAZING!

I pretend almost everyday I’m either an amazing dancer like J LO or an epic singer like Celine Dion. Honestly, I’m not good at either, but my kids at least think I’m pretty awesome.

I hate washing dishes and I despise snakes. Thankfully I found a Husband who will wash them for me, and I can’t even type about snakes without chills, so next.

Cooking is one of my favourite passions and has been almost my whole life. I would like to thank my Mom right now for taking all that time to teach me how to cook when I was younger. If I’m ever having a bad day, or am in a mood. You will find me in the kitchen blowing off steam.

I’m wonder women when it comes to planning and lists. I usually have three lists on the go at once. You need me to plan a party, I’ll have it done in two days. If you look in the dictionary and find “Type A Personality”, you’ll see my picture. I’m not super crazy, but I can go there if need be.

The last four years I have been pursuing a healthy, active life style. By healthy I mean, reduced processed foods and refined sugar. Exercising as often as I can, even if it means doing a 15 minute workout while trying to entertain two kids. Babies make great weights for squats! My goal as a Mom is to teach my children a healthy lifestyle, and to give them the best start in life for their bodies and mind.

My ideal weekend is beer, really good food like sushi and binging a show on Netflix. Currently finished Grace and Frankie. My current dream is to grow old with my best friend and live in a sweet beach house.

I live for coffee. Coffee is my life.

Well there it is, some things about me, Jaclyn Yvonne. I love to be real and honest, and it’s my main goal with my social media pages. To show the reality of motherhood and not hide it with filters.

Thank you to everyone for following my life!

Jaclyn Yvonne

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