My Go To Snacks!

You wake up, gulp down a cup of coffee before it gets cold. Then you’re running around after the kids while trying to tidy up, get a load of laundry and get yourself ready for the day. Next thing you know its noon and you’re living of coffee, some water and whatever little bites you stole from your kids plates. After trying to eat something, you look at the clock and its time to make dinner. When you sit down to eat, its three helpings later and you’re finally full but, exhausted.

For my readers who aren’t Moms or parents, this does happen regularly. Lately this has been my regular routine. I know it’s not healthy for my body, good for my mind function and pretty much everything else. I wish you could live off coffee but apparently you can’t. So I’ve been more diligent having snacks ready for me that are easy to eat and can be packed on the go.

  1. Veggies and Hummus – This is pretty basic but surprisingly more filling than you think. The trick to this snack and cutting your vegetables ahead of time and packaging them individually. This way you can quickly grab them out of the fridge and away you go. My go to is carrots, peppers, and broccoli. Most grocery stores also carry individual packages of hummus to make this snack even faster. In our home, I also package the hummus ahead of time. I don’t ever want to forget my hummus. It helps fill you and is also a protein source, to help keep you full longer. My trick is to place them in mason jars. And you know that huge pile of apple sauce cups you have in your recycling? Place it upside down, feed it through the lid ring. Place the metal cap underneath, tighten on and away you go! So easy and convenient.
  2. Fruit & Yogurt – Similar to the vegetables, I will pre-wash my fruit and package them individually so I can grab and go. If I have time I will add a scoop of yogurt into the jar.
  3. Fat Bombs – These are delicious treat filled with healthy fats that will give you the energy you need while fulfilling your hunger. You can find the recipe HERE. They are a delicious chocolate and peanut butter treat. These are my go-to whenever I’m feeling famished and need a quick pick me up before I actually get around to eating a meal .
  4. Nut & Seed Granola – This is my top pick for snacks on the go. It’s quite easy to make plus it is packed with nutrients and healthy fats. Just don’t try eating it while driving or you will get it everywhere!
  5. Protein Shake – Pretty basic but you can always add extra flavour like a nut butter or a banana. For an extra kick of nutrients I will add a scoop of greens powder. Just be cautious about which protein shake you use. Many that are on the shelves are filled with sugars. The protein powder I use is the Vega Mocha All-in-one. Tastes delicious in a cup of coffee.

FIVE of my favourite on the go snacks that are very easy to make, and only require a bit of prep work. To help make packaging the individual portions, befriend mason jars! They are cheap to buy in bulk, will last a lifetime and glass is better for you. Then the risk of plastic chemicals leaking into your food. Doesn’t that just sound delicious….

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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