Five Things My Toddler Does Every Morning

As a parent, you have a lot of responsibilities. You have to: care for your child, feed them, teach them, discipline, entertain all which will help them develop into functional adults.

You’re probably reading this while the kids are running around wild, or you’re sitting in front of a huge mess. And think, what have I done today to help my child learn? I had these days many times, where it would be four o’clock and I felt disappointed about the lack of activities I did with my toddler.

I want to teach my toddler, I want her to learn and I want to know I’m doing everything I can to give her a good start in life.

So I started implementing a schedule of five things we do every day before ten o’clock. A mix of learning, chores and fun to get our day started on a good note.

First, Lily always helps me make her bed and clean up her room. She has a tendency to play in her room or bring around fifteen books, from her bookcase into her bed after we put her down. By the time she wakes up in the morning she has slept all night on a mattress of books. So we put the books away and make her bed.

After breakfast, she helps me clean the dishes and wipe the counters. Isla usually makes a huge mess, ok every morning with her oatmeal. So I put lily in charge of wipe the floors. Sounds like child labour, but she actually loves it. And Lily will take any chance she can get to play in the kitchen sink.

When her Sister goes down for her first nap we read a book, and draw about what the book was about. Lily’s preschool class started this so we have made it a daily habit. It helps improve her drawing skills, word recognition and ability to understand a story.

We do a craft after we have read the book of the day. Lately we have been doing a craft about the book, or Princess wands, Lily’s favourite craft!

After Isla wakes up, we have a dance party and practise different movements. Truthfully she ends up shaking her bum but we jump, I direct her to move certain body parts and really it helps Lily burn energy. This is beneficial especially before an outing like the grocery store or planned events.

Having a schedule and doing the same activities every morning helps the rest of our day go smoothly. Lily get burns some energy, both physically and mentally. And I feel like a successful Mom.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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