Isla’s First Birthday

It’s Isla’s Birthday! I can’t believe how fast their year has flown by, and I had to plan her first birthday!

The First Birthday is exciting because it means as a parent you have successful made it through the baby phase. And both you, and your little one came out of the first year alive.

How do you start planning a First Birthday party? Ask yourself, do you want a big party or more intimate? We chose a big party, so we could invite all the extended family and close friends we haven’t seen in a while. Overall we ended up with twenty-five people in our home. That’s right, we did it in our home! You can book a room or hall somewhere if you’re having a big crowd. Or a restaurant if you don’t want a mess to clean up. We chose our home so then we didn’t have to travel and the kids could easily be entertained in our playroom.

Next is a theme! Isla’s Birthday is in February, surrounded by a ton of snow currently. So we chose a Winter Onederland theme! Purple, pink, teal and snowflakes! For the decorations, I turned to my favourite website. Etsy! We were able to buy a party kit that matched our theme that had every printable you could imagine!

We had signs, and we did wrapped chocolate bars for favours. They are the easiest thank you gift!

We decorated with balloons, and a big Happy Birthday Banner! These kits are easy to order, print at Staples which I submitted online and we ready the next day. Cut and set up!

I got very creative and made a timeline banner of Isla from birth to a year old.

I strung a ribbon along the wall, and hung the pictures with clothes pins. I covered the tape I used to hold up the ribbon with balloons! This was a nice touch to have at the party, and to see how Isla has grown the past year! Everyone loved it.

You can’t have a party without a dessert table! This was the most fun because I love baking! Now you don’t have to bake, support local bakeries to make all your sweet treats.

I made French Macarons, cupcakes and chocolate Crinkle cookies. I made up “thank you” goodies bags for people to put some treats in to take home after the party.

I got very creative and made my own centrepieces. I painted the inside of old mason jars, and cut out cardboard “number ones”. I painted them and attached a cupcake topper. Looks tedious, but I did three of them in twenty minutes with Lily.

It was so much fun decorating and adding personal touches to everything. I really wanted to make the day special for Isla, and have great pictures to look back on when she is older.

The last part of the party decorations was to get Isla dressed up! I used a local business to make Isla’s custom outfit. I’m a huge fan of tutu’s and I got a custom onesie as a keepsake to go in her box. Where I keep important things I want forever!

She looked so adorable! And her waffle walk with the big tutu was the cutest thing you have seen all year!

Overall, the party was a huge success and I got so many compliments. I’m happy I’m not planning another big party like this for a while, but it was so worth it!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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