My Journey Through Weaning, the Beginning

Everyone is talking about why you should breastfeed? How to breastfeed? And just general conversation about breastfeeding. No one is talking about the “weaning” process. When you decide as Mother it’s time to stop breastfeeding.

It can be a hard decision. When do you stop? How do you stop? What to supplement with if needed? Many questions that you have to answer before you can start this journey.

I decided on one year. I am very blessed to have breastfed for this long. For many women it can be a struggle, and don’t make it near as long. And to all of you who have struggled, you are amazing! I know it was not easy! Know that you are still an awesome Mama!

Why a year? By the age of one, you see your once little baby is curious, more mobile and ready to take on the world. Isla is walking and loves to discover new things, especially things that a high up and she can climb on top of things too. I really see her becoming independent. But she has also been giving me cues for weaning. Such as less feedings, and less interest in my breasts when she is tired or grumpy. Normally she would cling on, and want to feed for soothing. But now her and I have created other ways for self soothing.

I myself am also ready to have my body back! Breastfeeding is magical, feeding a human life from your body. But the constant need can be exhausting. The struggles to feed in public, the scratch marks, the biting and just the everyday little annoyances of breastfeeding. Yes I do love breastfeeding, but it’s not always beautiful. I’m ready to retire these breasts, and have them all to myself again.

How do you stop? You simply remove one feeding at a time. I wait one week, then remove another feeding. You go from least important, to most important. For us I am doing:

  1. Afternoon Nap Feed
  1. Afternoon Feed
    Morning Nap Feed
    Bedtime Feed
  1. Middle of the night Feeds

I am not looking forward to the middle of the night feeds, but I’m hoping by that point she will have lost all interest in breastfeeding. Or she will be so attached it’s going to be a brutal process. Let’s all hope for the first scenario!

The first scenario is what happened with my oldest Daughter. By the end of the weaning process she was not interested one bit in being breastfed. That the bedtime weaning was easier than I ever could imagine!

So, today is the big day. Goodbye afternoon nap feed! Follow along the next few weeks, and see where our journey ends up!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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