My Journey Through Weaning, Week One

Weaning can be such an emotional topic because you are ending a special bond. I love breastfeeding, and did with my oldest as well. You get to create a strong connection with your little one from day one. A special connection, where you provide life in the form of food since day one of their existence.

Our first week went more smoothly than I anticipated. Isla and I have a very strong bond, and her attachment to me is more than strong. We started by cutting out the afternoon feed before nap time. I see why it was easy though. Isla has already had two meals and a snack before her nap. So she is full from food.

What surprised me this week, was her lack of interest in her feed after nap time. Well it’s usually an hour before dinner. But the second day into the weaning if the afternoon naps, she did not want to breastfeed. She only wanted a snack and would be great till dinner.

I believe her lack of interest is from her diet. Starting this weaning journey, I made a huge effort to add fats at every meal and snack time. If you have been following my posts, you know Isla hates Homo Milk and formula. Instead of stressing, I’m on a mission to add as many fats as I can to help her development. And I think it is paying off!

This week we start cancelling out the afternoon feed before dinner. Which she has already started. So I’m undecided if I should just go with the flow or also cancel out the morning feed while I am at it. I’m leaning towards going with the flow. To give Isla and I more time to adjust to this high fat diet.

I’m excited to see what happens this week, if she becomes more independent. But I am starting to get emotional about us not having this special bond soon. Not having our quiet moments, cuddled together. But I am ecstatic to have my body to myself.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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