My Journey Through Weaning: Week Two

Officially half way through our weaning journey! I am excited but all insanely nervous because we hit the hard part. Weaning Isla’s two favourite feeds. Today we start the morning nap feed, which I think is going to go horrible. She loves this feed. Truthfully I think it’s more an attachment issue.

When Isla first wakes in the morning, this kid demands cuddles. Which hey, I’m not complaining about. My oldest was not a cuddled, so have a cuddle machine for my youngest is a blessing. I know these cuddles are because of a separation problem. She needs the security from me from being in the room by herself all night.

By the time we get to the morning feed, she is sucking her licks, doing her weird tongue movement (which is slightly awkward) and pretty much is fussy till she gets it. Changing a cranky baby is not fun!

I have been asking myself how I am going to overcome this? Well I started this morning by feeding Isla extra food. We always do a whole fat yogurt with chia seeds to really fill her. And a bit of fruit. I added a cereal as well, to help Isla have a full stomach when she goes for her nap. I won’t know for a few days how much more I will need to give her to so she has that full sensation. To allow her to fall asleep.

I’m also shortening our nap routine. I have a feeling that if I’m in there longer, she will want me more. And spend more time being fussy. So a bum change, one book, a dance then nap. Simple and easy! My plan is under ten minutes.

After Isla’s nap I plan on having a larger snack. Today the menu is a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread with a banana. Normally she would just have a fruit but I want to ensure she is getting the fats she needs. As well as isn’t starving.

Our lunch is going to be pasta with lentils and sauce. I usually add in a tablespoon of some kind of oil to give Isla the fats she needs for development. I’m interested to see how much she will eat. Whether it’s more than usual because of the lack of Breastmilk. Or if I’m feeding her too much food in the morning. It’s all trial and error.

Depending on how the morning goes, I will judge her hunger and chose a small afternoon snack or large. And then dinner, which is whatever we eat. The menu tonight is roasted red pepper rice with chicken. A family favourite!

Before bed Isla always has her second dinner which is: oatmeal, peanut butter, flax seed, coconut oil. Lots of fat and iron to help her feel full!

So I’m interested to see how this week goes. I am trying to be positive, but my Mom senses are going off. I hope they are wrong!

Stay tuned! And thanks for following my weaning journey!

Jaclyn Yvonne

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