How to be a Mom and A Boss.

I’ve found as I have aged and have had children. My dreams for myself grow more and more everyday. Along with my ambition, I feel the power from within lifting to the surface exploding from me. This growing power to do so much for myself has come from a place I believe is from having kids young. Before I really had the opportunity to develop my Dental Hygiene career.

I found out I was pregnant with my oldest just before I graduated. I spent my first few months as a Dental Hygienist preparing for a child and maternity leave. Not sinking my feet into this new career. Now I am not saying I regret when we had Lily. Truthfully, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We just moved into our new home, my Husband career was taking off and I am very happy that I was twenty-four having my first child. Now I am twenty-seven with two kids, three and under.

Now I am in this phase where my kids are growing up and becoming more independent. As they grow I have a desire to grow with them. My goal as a Mom to show my Daughters to chase their dreams, and do what they want. But how do you do this with kids? When you need to be a Mom, a wife, a nurse, a caregiver, a cleaner and every other job title is included with being a Mom.

How do you make boss fit in there? Without sacrificing your other job titles, and upsetting the happiness of the household. Do you sacrifice your own happiness to keep the equilibrium?

So many questions, ones you don’t really think about when you start a new business adventures. These questions had crossed my mind before I became a Zyia Active Rep, but now that I am all in. They are at the forefront of my everyday life. Challenging my Motherhood and work at the same time. It is overwhelming, wanting to be successful at both jobs.

It all comes down to your scheduling. Understanding when it is “Mom time” and when it is time to be “boss babe”. This will be the hardest part of it all. The times you want to be a boss babe because you have messages and emails but your children need you. Or when your business is slow, and its not being successful and you just want to give in and be only a Mom. But then know you aren’t showing your children to always chase your dreams, and don’t give into failure. I’ve learned to physically write down when I will do my work, and back up times. In case Mom life requires me to stick around a bit longer and I don’t get work done. Sounds silly you need back up time, but every Mom knows the power of spontaneity with kids. Especially toddlers who think ” Hey, I’m not going to nap today “. Or how fast a fever and illness can kick in.

The most important tip of all is to have support. Whether you talk to your partner and explain what you want to achieve. And that you need to make time for yourself, at the same time. Let your partner schedule their time so everyone is happy. Have someone to chat with, your best friend or parent. It take a team to grow a dream.

Tell yourself everyday that you are an amazing Mom. Because YOU ARE! There will be days where you feel like a distant or an incompetent Mother. You need to try everyday to be there for your kids, but don’t let the bad day bring you down. Make a goal for the next day to be better than today and not let the bad days stop your goal smashing.

If things start to get bad, the family’s needs are being met. No one is happy and things are falling apart. Well it’s time to re-evaluate how you are running your business to improve your family’s quality of life. And it’s normal to change your schedule many times! Many, many, many times! It’s all part of the growth!

Mom you’ve got this!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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