Healthy eating, consistently.

Healthy eating sounds great in theory, but truthfully it’s hard. Whether it’s: finding new recipes, adding flavourful, fast cooking times, filling meal, or cost. I myself have come across many “bumps in the road” while on my health and fitness journey. And have learned one way that I have now been practising for a few years, to keep me eating healthy.

Jaclyn, how do you consistently eat healthy?

By consistently eating the same thing.

No I’m not saying, eat the exact same thing every single day for the rest of your life. Have a routine, and eat certain meals and snacks regularly.

For myself I either have a coffee shake or a bullet proof coffee first thing in the morning, post morning water consumption. I know every single morning this is what I am having. By having this constant I…

  • Make life easier by not having to plan
  • Consume vital nutrients first thing in the morning

For my mid-morning breakfast, I have a list of meal ideas that I chose from. Oatmeal, toast, grapefruit or yogurt. I pick food items I know I buy regularly so I don’t increase my grocery bill by adding something extra to the list. Knowing these choices, again it makes my life easier.

I make my lunch an easy choice by having leftovers from the night before. I already have to make extra for my Husband’s lunch. So I make more that evening for myself and my Daughters. Lunch time is faster because it’s already cooked and easier, because the decision is already made.

For my snacks, again I make a list. My go-to is…

  • Hummus and veggies
  • Banana
  • Yogurt & chia seeds

The trick with consistency is will power. Motivating yourself to stick to the foods you have chosen, and nothing else. If I am out of yogurt and bananas, then I know I’m having veggies and hummus. I don’t allow myself other options, because then I will end up eating something I will regret later. Sounds strict, but I have found that it keeps me eating healthy regularly.

Now your food choices will get boring. I get bored of mine. So every month I chose some new snack ideas, I creep Pinterest for a while and come up with new recipes. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland. Veggies and fruit in a bowl kind of bland. Slice some vegetables, pickle them with apple cider vinegar. Make a smoothie or try new healthy spreads.

This is what I do to help keep my on my healthy eating path, to maintain my goals. This may not work for you because all of our lifestyles are different. It comes down to trial and error, and not letting discouragement stop you from reaching your goals.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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