Our Morning Routine…

Everyday is a surprise when you have kids in the home. Children have a special trait called spontaneity. They could wake up happy, grouchy, still exhausted from maybe not having a good sleep. Kids have the tendency to turn a clean room into a disaster, instantly. Instantly as in three seconds.

I am the type of person who I would say in a nice way is high strung, type A, OCD personality. Not so nice but the truth. And a chaotic, messy and out of sorts house sends me spinning. I feel uncomfortable and depending on the state of our home, I can have anxiety attacks over the mess. Sounds kind of extreme, but its just my personality. I am very sensitive to craziness, clutter and things that aren’t organized. And I truthfully believe its because I do so much everyday as a Mom, a wife and as a Mom boss. While trying to focus on some self care during the day. Having so much on my plate, which I do love to have! Makes me uneasy with chaos because the scale can be tipped so easily in my life because of the heavy load.

But how do you keep your house clean, without sacrificing the happiness of your family? It all comes down to time management and daily chores, for everyone. That is right, every person in our home has chores.

My goal every morning is to get the basic cleaning done.

These are the five things I aim to get done every morning before lunch time. Sounds like a lot to do, but honestly. With proper time management, it can be done.

1. Laundry

When the girls first wake up, I put a load of laundry in before we go down for breakfast. I get both girls to help me sort what needs to go in, load the washer and press the button. We have done this so many times that my oldest knows every morning we do laundry. I usually do this after I have taken Isla’s diaper off. We are in full teething mode, so I like to let her bum air out for a few minutes before I put a new one on.

2. Tidy Up

After breakfast, I will admit. The girls get 20-30 minutes of TV time. Usually after breakfast they are both quite relaxed from having full tummy’s. So while they watch TV, I put things away and wipe the counters. I know, sounds terrible to give my kids TV time in the morning. But you know what? While I am tidying up. I am eating my breakfast and enjoying my coffee. Usually dancing to music while the kids are entertained by their educational show. A Mom has to do, what a Moms got to do.

3. Get the rooms & is ready!

After the TV time, we go upstairs and get dressed and ready for the day. Lily knows to put her books away, and make her bed as best as possible. We all get dressed, make ” Mommy’s and Daddy’s” bed. Then we tidy up Isla’s room. We have created a flow in the morning, and actually its working quite well. It’s cute because both girls love to go to Lily’s room and tidy up together.

4. Together time

Then we go about our morning doing, what we normally do. Games, crafts, homework or an outside activity. My goal is to stimulate the girls’ minds for half the time. The other half we spend time burning their energy.

5. Clean one Bathroom

About 30 minutes before lunch, Isla is due for a bum change. We all go up together and while she is airing out, the girls play in whoever’s room they chose while I wipe down a bathroom. If its the powder room, I bring Isla’s diaper downstairs so she can air out. Then I let the girls play in the playroom independently while I clean for five minutes. Yes, it only takes me five minutes. By staying on top of a bathroom everyday, I have found there has been less of a mess to clean up. Making my time in their quicker!

6. Lunch

Then I make our lunches, followed by quiet time and a nap. Quiet time is either us reading books, watching TV or the girls having constructive independent play time. My goal is to calm them to help make putting two kids down for a nap easier.

That is our daily morning routine! I have found that by having a few things you do every single day makes the house tidier, more organized and makes your life as a Mom a whole lot easier.

It just comes down to planning! I find if I lay out my day the night before, things go smoothly! But some days don’t go as planned. And just remember that it is OK if they don’t. Motherhood is unpredictable and you don’t always have control over things. Just do your best, and aim for a better day tomorrow. The great thing is that there is always tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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