Online Shopping Hacks

Online shopping is a blessing. I’ll just be honest upfront. It has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. Being able to buy what you need in the comfort of your own home. Wearing pyjamas and drinking some wine. Myself, I do most of my shopping in the evening after I have put the kids to bed. And I buy everything online: house supplies, clothing, beauty products, children’s products and groceries.

Now everyone loves a good deal, and how many of year have wondered “How do these women get all this stuff?” It’s all about time and being savvy with the way you shop.


I have junk email just as much as every person in this world. But subscribing to stores email list helps keep you in the know. I have two emails. A important/ business email. And a junk email that I use for subscriptions. It’s how I keep the junk out of my main life. Once or every other day, I check the emails. Especially when there is certain items I am looking for.

Create a shopping cart

Add the clothing you want to your car and wait. You will be surprised about the numbers of emails you will receive when you leave your cart full. “Checkout now and get an extra 10% Off”. Or they will give free shipping.

Also leaving things in your cart will help you keep track of them and when they go on sale. I just go right to my cart and majority of sites will automatically show the sale price.

Checkout, but DON’T checkout

You you really go the extra step, and checkout. But at the last step, when you submit your order. DON’T! Simply close out of the site and wait for the emails. “Did you forget something? Here is…” Some sites will offer more discounts to get you to complete your order. I’ve saved 75% on orders doing these few steps.

Order with friends

Sometimes when sites offer free shipping but you have to spend $100. I ask friends around if anyone needs something from the site. Everyone can get what they want, hopefully score a discount using the methods above and save on shipping. This works well with sites that usually make you pay for shipping, and don’t easily offer it through emails.

Yes it’s a process. But if there is something you really want or need. This can save you a ton of money. For example, I bought $76 Jean overalls for $40 and received free shipping.

Sites this doesn’t work for

Don’t try this with Amazon or Well. They don’t offer discounts. But you can save items on your list and be notified when the price decreases. Also the Amazon Prime membership is worth it!

I hope this helps all of you save money and get the stuff you want!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

Check out more on Instagram: @jaclynyvonne

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