How I am a Good Mom, even on days I don’t feel like it…

Motherhood. I’ll be honest and admit its not always sunshine, smiles, laughs and great memories. Social media has this way of perceiving that everything is perfect. And that these Mom’s don’t experience what we all hear everyone talking about.

That there are days where literally, everything, goes wrong. Or that there is a constant mess. It’s noon and you haven’t even eaten food yet, or have showered. I haven’t showered for four days before because motherhood trumps your self care sometimes.

How about when you leave your kids for thirty seconds in a room, and walk back in to find a shampoo bottled emptied on the floor. And you have no idea where the shampoo came from. Or when they refuse every single meal you make for them. I love when we go to the grocery store and my toddler insists on dressing herself, and flat out refuses to brush her hair. I know people think I’m a care-free Mom, but really I have a strong, independent Daughter.

Days are long, messes are huge and yes, there are mornings I wake up and think “Yeah, I don’t want to do this today…”. I love my girls, and I love that I get to be with them every single day. But every single day becomes tiring sometimes. And I’ll be the first one to yell out that it is ok to feel this way. I believe you’re not suppose to want too be a Mom: cook, cleaner, play mate, nurse, teacher etc. Everyday of your life.

How do you get out of bed, and be a Mom?

On days where I feel like this, I make the day a fun day. Where we go or do something different than what we normally do. I know if I’m feeling run down, or out of my groove. My kids probably feel the same way. Children are just as easily affected by our lifestyle, and things being “out of whack”.

Having a day where we do something out of the ordinary, fun and memorable helps me become attached to Motherhood. And creates a great experience for my kids.

Some of my favourite out of the ordinary days are:

  • Picnic Lunch
  • Science experiment
  • Tea party
  • Popcorn Movie Party
  • Dress up and go out
  • Dress up for the tea party
  • Bake a treat together
  • Princess Day
    Beach Day
    Outdoor adventure or hike
    Museum trip

You may not feel like doing these at first. But put on your adventurous pants, pack up and go! The minute you’re doing your activity, the moment you see the pure happiness on their faces you will feel that connection to Motherhood again.

I’m all about routines, but they can really put a downer on your life. Spice it up, and make it fun and different!

Be sure to tag me @jaclyn.yvonne in your “out of the ordinary” days! I love seeing what everyone does or any ideas of your own!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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