Eating Healthy for Busy Moms

Whether you are a stay at home Mom, work full-time or part-time. Being a Mom means your life is busy!

Yesterday alone, I felt like I did not have enough time in the day to get done what I needed too. And I’m home everyday! Not to mention, I didn’t even get to eat my breakfast till 10AM. I survived off pecans on the way home from the store, till I could make my avocado toast. To be honest it’s like that most days, either breakfast or lunch. I’m eating one of those meals late.

But I always achieve to eat healthy. And there are many tips I use to keep me on my healthy eating journey.

The most important tip I have is to prioritize your healthy eating! I put myself on the back burner almost everyday. But I have an understanding, and mindset that healthy eating: helps me feel great, gives me the best energy, is great for my body and future. Having a great mindset will help you stay successful with your healthy eating goals, even on your busiest days! Along with these great tips below.

Pack Snacks

Having snacks stashed in your purse, already packaged in your cupboard or at work, will help you from not eating junk. When your hungry, more hormones are released in your body. Which actually makes you MORE hungry, increasing your need to satisfy your hunger which leads to poor food choices. Been there!

Making sure your favourite healthy snacks are on hand will keep you eating healthy, consistently. I always make sure to bring something for myself, wherever we go!My main stashes of good in the truck,the baby bag and my purse. Each grocery day, I spend a bit of time packaging my individual snacks in to Pyrex glass containers. So they are ready for whenever I’m hungry, or on the go.

Eat Leftovers

Lunch is the meal where most people struggle. They didn’t have time to make it earlier in the day, so they order takeout. Again, I’ve been there! I fixed this problem by always making enough food at dinner. So my Husband and I each have lunch the next day. This makes my life so easy! Simply heat and go! No thinking of what to have and minimal mess.

Meal Plan

Everyone is talking about meal planning and it’s because it’s the best thing you can do for your household. Spending a couple of hours one day, gives you more time during the week. Plus easier meal times. Spend one or two days a week planning out what you will have for each meal of the day. Or even spending a bit of time the night before preparing your food for the next day. This way you are more than likely to stick to the foods you want to be eating.

Don’t Buy Junk

When you are shopping, avoid buying the junk. Anything that you know is not healthy. And is only going to sit there until you have cravings. Don’t waste the money!

Choose Healthy Fast Food

Yes you can eat out still. But be conscious about where you order or what. We made a pact in our household that we would only chose healthy restaurants. Such as Copper Branch, Subway or Freshii. Our household understands the consequences of poor food choices on our body. And my Husband has his own goals he is trying to reach.

You don’t have to let your busy life stop you from reaching your goals. Make yourself a priority, plan ahead and make choices you won’t regret.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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