Summer Skin Essentials

Happy Canada Day long weekend! We aren’t officially doing anything until Canada Day. But then we are spending four glorious days at the trailer. Till then I’m doing laundry and packing. And getting us ready for the beach! My favourite place to be. I’ve packed more bathing suits than I probably need, but I’m planning on spending as much time soaking up the summer heat. Before I head out on the beach, I’m taking the time to get my skin summer ready. I love smooth, glowing skin. And trust me, it does not come naturally.

The best summer skin starts with moisture! Hot summer days in the sun can leave you dry and flaky. Everyday I have a routine to help battle dry skin and it starts with these amazing products.

Dry Brush

I use this on my entire body. It helps exfoliate, increase blood circulation and can help with cellulite areas. The best time to do this is right before you jump in the shower.

  • Lush Buffy Bar

  • Click on image to visit site

    Filled with oil and Shea butter. This bar exfoliates while giving you 100% smooth, moisturized skin in the shower.

    Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

    Click on image to visit site

    This product is not a daily product, but I wanted to throw it in because it is a must have in your shower. This is my go-to when my skin is feeling extra dry. Easily apply it in the shower, rinse off and you are good to go.

    Rodan and Fields Active Moisture Body Replenish

    Click on image to visit site

    This is a new find and I’ve been asking myself where it has been all my life! Their technology helps bring moisture from the air and lock it into your skin. I love the smoothness and light scent it has.

    Jergens Instant Sun

    Once my skin is smooth and ready to go. I love to add a bit of glow to my skin. Sunshine is amazing, but I’m a sunscreen fanatic. You have to sacrifice the beautiful brown tan for your health. But don’t let that think you can’t have a gorgeous glow this summer. I love using Jergens Instant Sun! It gives you a nice warm brown tan in sixty seconds with no mess, or stains on your clothes.

    Click on images above for links or check me out on Amazon!

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