Summer Weekend Must Pack Items for Kids

I remember the days where I would pack up to go somewhere in five minutes, and then run out the door. If I did that now with two kids, I would forget half the things I need. And I bet you a million bucks it would mostly be the important stuff; the can’t live without items.

Now I like to be as prepared as possible. People who don’t have kids poke fun, but trust me. When an emergency, or even ANYTHING happens. Knowing you have everything to deal with the situation will have you feeling like a super hero. Well an ultimate super hero because you’re a Mom, you should already feel like a super hero.

Endless supply of bum cream is a must! I pack three different strengths. An everyday cream that I used after each bum change. I use a Dutch product called Purol. Next I pack a mild strength diaper cream, incase their bums look a bit red. Then an extra strength diaper cream for severe diaper rash! Long trips in cars, or playing in water increases the chances of diaper rash showing up. Nothing worse then being somewhere your kids aren’t use to, while dealing with a sore bum.

TWO bottles of sunscreen to help you feel extra prepared. The extra bottle is really a precaution incase you lose the first bottle. I always make sure to put them in two separate bags, incase you misplace a bag. Yes, as a Mom you do lose things!

Bug spray is very important. No one likes to deal with mosquito bites, and ticks are becoming a problem in many areas. Be prepared and always back a bottle. I like to use Doterra essential oil bug spray on the kids.

Baby lotion is a must-have for any skin irritation, after baths or swimming pools. With the hot weather here, heat rash can happen instantly. I find Aveeno Baby Lotion helps calm my girls skin down if they get irritated.

A medicine bag that contains all of the sickness remedies. I always make sure to have:

  • Thermometer
  • Medicine
  • Polysporin (great for cuts and big bites!)
  • Travel Baby Wash
  • Saline
  • Doterra Breathe Stick

Now don’t laugh, but a First Aid Kit. So many of my friends who don’t have kids have mocked me when they first see the big red Kit. But trust me, its the most useful item in the bag. You can deal with any accident, cut or scraps instantly. The first time Lily had a huge wipe out at the park, resulting in lots of blood down her leg. I was able to clean it properly, and wrap it. Resulting in a quick fix and a happy toddler. If you don’t have a first aid kit. Be sure to have wipes, bandaids and wound cleaner packed in your bag. Kids are clumsy, period.

There you have it! The main Essentials I always pack for a sleepover or even have in my everyday baby bag!

Thanks for reading,

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