Mama, keep your Mental Health in Check!

Being a Mom. Whether you are on Maternity leave, work part-time, full-time or are a stay- at-home Mom. Life gets CRAZY! I wish I was over exaggerating but I’m not. When I was pregnant with Lily, other Moms would tell me their stories. And give me a heads up of what was to come. All I would do was laugh it off. When really, I should have been taking notes.

Three and a half years into Motherhood, I’ve learned that I come first. It took me a bit to realize that my self worth is just as important to myself, as it is to my family.

Happy wife, happy life!

It’s very important to make time for yourself. Catch up on sleep, do things that make you happy and make sure you feel at peace. With how crazy Motherhood can get, your mental health can slip down a steep slope very fast. I have found my self in a bad place only last year after my second Daughter was born. I looked in the mirror one morning and straight up said “I’m not happy”. And from that day forward, I told myself I never want to be in that place ever again. I can’t be the best Mom for my girls if I’m not the best woman to myself.

There are multiple things I do regularly to help keep my mental health in check.

Talk it out. If I have had a bad day, things didn’t go right. Constant messes or multiple meltdowns. I’m still in sweats, haven’t showered. Wearing the kids breakfast, lunch and dinner. And solely surviving off coffee and rice cakes with peanut butter. I talk to someone. I let out my frustrations, anger and sadness. Keeping it in does no one any good. And if you need more in depth talk, go see a professional. Sometimes you need to let out more than daily upsets. Also, don’t feel like you’re psycho for seeking professional help. I have before! Yes I have and it was the best thing for me!

Reduce social media as much as possible. My phone is my work. It’s my income. Even though it’s how I make money. I’m also a stay-at-home Mom. I have two girls, a house and two dogs to care for. I set specific times for my work each day. And I aim to not let it control my day or my life.

This is also part of social media but I make sure to not use any technology thirty minutes before bed. Allow myself to relax and unwind from the day. This is hard because like I said, my phone is how I make money. And I’ll be honest, it’s hard to keep that phone away at night. But I do it, because if I don’t. I end up staying awake for hours and ruin my sleep.

I exercise thirty minutes each day. Walking, running, yoga, HIIT or even just lifting weights. I do any activity that helps increase my heart rate. Get my blood pumping. This gives me great energy and helps me feel happy, everyday.

Make time for yourself everyday. This can honestly be anything, and I switch it up everyday. Have a bath, sit and read a book, do a hobby or cook. Do something that brings you peace and happiness. I love catching up on my favourite book at the time, or just sitting and listening to music. Baking is also a passion of mine. I think my kids love nap time because usually they wake up to something delicious to eat!

Just know that life is crazy, busy, hectic and chaotic. But don’t let it bring you down. And know that you are a priority, and it’s not being selfish if you make time for yourself. Your family will honestly will appreciate the time you make for yourself.

Thanks for reading,