The Laundry Room Reno

As a Mom, the laundry room is a second home to me. Everyday is laundry day, and I’m constantly folding. My Husband and I finally made the decision to Reno! Well it was my choice, he agreed because he knew how badly I wanted this.

The main reason was because of the initial layout from our builder. The washer and dryer were in such an awkward spot, I knew by moving them we could make the space feel bigger. Of course I was right!

For the moving of the washer and dryer, we had to make a good plan about the plumbing, electrical and dryer duct. Moving them could become quite expensive, especially the electrical. So we opted to keep the main outlets and run the plumbing, electrical and duct work to them. We knew this meant they would be seen along the wall. So my Husband build a wall ledge to cover them.

This sink is from Home Depot –

To give access too all the utilities incase it never needed access. We put a pine board, stained with espresso coloured stain on top. This is removable so you can easily access any pipe or cord.

Truthfully, after that big job was done the rest was quite easy. I’ve always wanted a laundry sink that was more than those cheap, white plastic ones. We got this beautiful White Sink, that has two cabinet doors. Plus a pull out metal rack underneath. The best part of this sink was that it was an all-in-one. The faucet was included on the package. Now we did have to cut a hole in the side of the sink vanity because the duct hole was behind the vanity. But the new wall ledge covered the hole so you can’t see it!

We placed the laundry sink in the middle of the wall just so I could have space on the other side for a small counter space. In our old laundry layout, there were countless times where I needed a place to set something down. So I knew this countertop was a necessity. We simply purchased a pine board and stained it with an espresso colour. It took three coats plus a varathane spray to finish it. Two brackets and that counter top was not going anywhere!

We chose cloud grey for the walls and I tortured my Husband with the idea of shiplap for the washer and dryer wall. He initially gave me a look but it was easier than we both thought. For the shiplap we actually purchased shiplap. Yes you can buy it. At first I thought we could buy pine boards and space them while we applied them to the wall. But my Husband wanted to purchase the shiplap. It was already white, and it snapped in perfectly. We didn’t have to space it out and the white satin paint took less time to apply afterwards because the boards were already white. Purchasing the ship lap was more expensive then purchasing wood boards. But honestly, it was worth the extra money.

When dreaming of this laundry room I always pictured a modern sign to hang on the wall. Of course from my favourite, Pink Lemon Decor. And no shiplap wall is complete with a cute wreath from Winners.

Can you believe it? We did this in two days. From start to finish! Slightly hectic I will admit. Big so worth it!

Thanks for reading,

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