Our Daily Schedule

Staying home with two kids under the age of three can be pretty daunting some days. Many meltdowns and just pure crazy, insane moments. I get asked frequently how I am able to stay home everyday and my response is lots of Mom breaks (a.k.a WINE!) and a great daily schedule.

Having a routine you do almost every single day of the week helps:

  • Keep YOU organized
  • The kids in control because they know what to expect everyday
  • Keep YOU in control

When creating your daily schedule you start with the basics. When is nap time? When do the kids normally eat? These times are the most important of the day. You don’t ever mess with nap time!

From there, you can decide on your:

  • Independent Playtime – when the children play on their own
  • Interest-Led Activity – a guided activity with you or an adult
  • Outings – whether you go on an adventure or play outside.

Look at your meal and nap times and first layout when you will do the independent playtime. My girls do this when I need time to clean or do a chore. Usually after each meal is independent play so I have time to clean up.

For the interest-led activity, we only have one time a day where we do this. This time is always in the morning because I find it’s when my girls focus the most and absorb what I am trying to teach them. The afternoon is more focusing on play time and outdoor fun because they are less interested in sitting down and focusing for forty-five minutes.

For the outings, I save those for wherever I have the biggest time slots. I have one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. The morning we tend to go out and run errands. And the afternoon is for fun, or the park or backyard play. I just depends on what I want to do with the girls that day. So if we feel like going to the zoo, we will head out in the morning so I know the kids will get a good nap later.

Here is what our daily schedule looks like:

Click link below to download Our Daily Schedule Printable

Our Daily Schedule (Age 2-4)

Now that the schedule is made, you are probably wondering what kind of activities you can do.

For the Independent Play, it can be anything your children can do on their on, safely. My girl usually just hang out in the playroom. Some other ideas are:

  • Play with toys
  • Colouring
  • LEGO

Interest-led learning can be difficult some days, so it’s good to have a creative list of learning activities

  • Playdough
  • Crafts or painting
  • Puzzle
  • Counting or matching
  • Hide & Seek with words

My HUGE TIP for you is to create your schedule every week. Figure out what you are doing everyday, what outings, independent play and interest-led play to help make your life easier and organized.

Thanks for reading,

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