Minimizing my wardrobe by creating a Capsule – Fall 2019

I’m officially in packing mode. And my first place of business is our closets. Our new home does not have a huge closet like ours now so I’m on a mission to minimize my wardrobe. Sounds like a crazy idea, but truthfully I should anyways. Since being a Mom, I have my set outfits and I don’t wear many of the outfits I have stored away in my closet. I’m pretty much a clothing hoarder.

My plan to minimize my wardrobe by creating a capsule of outfits. What does that even mean? It’s actually been a term in the fashion industry for a few decades. And it’s all about having a collection of a few essential items that never go out of style. And being able to mix and match the pieces and create quite a few outfits. Having twenty-five main piece but having forty different ways of wearing them all.

Not only does capsuling help reduce your wardrobe size, it can help save money. Now if you are a frequent shopper, this could be difficult. But with creating a capsule wardrobe, it’s all about shopping for what you need before the new season. And not shopping during! I know sounds hard, but buying what you need beforehand saves you all those little shopping trips during the season. And I bet if you were to collect those recipes, you would end up spending more than if you just shopped once or twice before the season.

For my Fall Capsule I’m keeping my styles neutral with a few leopard print pieces. In total I have twenty-nine pieces:

  • Black Hat
  • Jean jacket
  • Long thick wool cardigan
  • Lighter beige cardigan
  • Leopard print cardigan
  • Long white polo long sleeve
  • Long Buffalo plaid long sleeve
  • Light lace long sleeve blouse
  • Navy striped long sleeve
  • 3/4 sleeve brown top
  • Denim Tunic Top
  • Dusty rose t-shirt
  • Leopard print t-shirt
  • Navy striped t-shirt
  • Black t-shirt
  • Two black tanks
  • White tank
  • Brown tank blouse
  • Cream and black collared tank
  • Black midi dress
  • Gray t-shirt dress
  • Blue high waist jeans
  • Black high waist jeans
  • Black leggings (2)
  • Light blue skinny jeans
  • Dark blue wash skinny jeans
  • Leopard print slip on shoes
  • Black and pink floral Kate spade kediri
  • Blund stone boots

Now I will use all of these items and create my daily outfits. Instead of having seventy pieces to chose from, don’t judge (I’m a clothing hoarder). Most of you are probably in the same boat I was. I have these twenty-nine. And when winter rolls around, I’ll grab a few different items for the colder season.

And feel free to have more pieces in your capsule! It’s not about having as little as possible. But having good choices that you can use to make many outfits from.

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