Top Five Blog Posts of 2019

I can’t believe that in just a couple of days we will be starting a new year and a new decade! How the time flies! This past decade has been nothing but adventures and new beginnings, making for a wild ride.

To celebrate this New Year, I thought I would reflect on my most successful blog posts of 2019. These are the posts that you all loved, liked and commented on the most! When I first started blogging, I really did it as a hobby. Making time for myself to write down my passions, my life, my reviews and some of my favourite recipes.

French Macarons

I first made these for my Daughter’s First Birthday Party and were and instant success. I never thought this recipe would have over twenty thousand views on Pinterest! These delicate, slightly time consuming cookies are extra delicious, and worth all the time!

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Our Decision to not have anymore kids…

I think this was such a popular post because it’s a popular topic. Every parent has this conversation in their life time, and it’s to me it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Children are a beautiful blessing in our life but there is more to having a child then you first think when pregnant. For us stopping at two was a hard decision to make, but we know life with two is what we ultimately want.

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Our Journey Through Weaning

Again, another popular topic. When you’re first pregnant, all everyone talks about is breastfeeding, and whether you chose to do it or not. But no one talks about the weaning process. With my first she was ready to wean, my second not so much. But I was ready. It was fun to reflect back on this post, because it helped remind me how strong I was to be able to breastfeed two girls and wean them both.

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Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve learned this past year that I’m a clothing hoarder! While we were preparing to move, my closet became a daunting task. Mainly because I had so many clothes! So I revamped my wardrobe, reduced it and created. Main collection of outfits. That could be mixed and matched with other clothing. This helped declutter my closet, and helped me minimize my style but in a good way!

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Prince Edward County Girls Weekend

Travelling around the world is magical, but there is nothing more exciting than discovering what’s only an hour from you! Prince Edward County is one of my favourite areas in Ontario! Filled with wineries, breweries, local shops and adventures! This getaway was one of my favourite this past summer! This post is a must read if you’re wanting to discover more in Ontario!

Read here

2019 you were one to always be remembered! But I am so excited for what 2020 has to offer our family!

Happy New Year!

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